11 March 2011   Marlene Swetlishoff


March 10-17, 2011


Let us have discourse on the quality of Love known as honor. What does this quality encompass? It entails an inherent respect for the ‘other&; as a Divine spark of the Creator and the giving of this respect in all interactions with them. It is a two way exchange, Dear Ones, for in order for Love to continue to be and to grow and expand between two people or in a group situation, there must be an acknowledgement that the ‘others&; point of view is always taken into careful consideration so that their of well being, security and is always foremost in their intentions.

The giving of Love one to another is usually a happy exchange in the beginnings of relationship and each person endeavors to ensure that joy, laughter, interest and caring is that which is given in tribute to the feelings and emotions that are felt within each heart, for to be freely given Love is the most wonderful gift of all. There is no price that one could put on the giving or receiving of Love, for along with constant change, Love is the constant in a World that is forever growing, expanding and evolving.

Many times, a person will love another so greatly and give of themselves in every way to be of help to the ‘other’, to give their support, encouragement, inspiration, upliftment when needed, and a sense of constancy based on a solid foundation of this feeling and emotion called Love. If this giving is taken for granted and not reciprocated in kind, then one could say that their Love is not honored. For in Love, there must be honor to the vitality and life of the relationship or else the balance between giving and receiving goes awry and problems could and most likely will, arise.

It requires maturity to stay committed to the intentions set at the beginning of relationship in order that the relationship continues to grow and expand into ever greater opportunity for each person to express the higher aspects of themselves in order to grow into their fullest Divine potential. When the relationship is honored by both people because it is important to them to continue to stay in the relationship and it is meaningful to them, then Love fulfills all and just IS. Joy and happiness flourish and everything else in their life flows with ease and grace.

When one person does not honor the relationship by breaching the unspoken boundaries of acceptable behavior that is a part of every relationship, it creates a sense of hurt, betrayal and the feeling of pain in the other person because their trust in the strength and the goodness of the relationship has been dishonored. The one who hurts feels a sense of violation in the sanctity of their relationship and their sense of the rightness of things has been disturbed. If people desire to live happily and harmoniously with each other or to relate to each other in a group situation, honor of the relationship must be shown at all times.

In a relationship between two people, it must be remembered that there is a creation of a third entity and that entity is the of the Creator and so there must be complete honesty, transparency and accountability in order that the relationship stays vital, alive and thriving. If these are not honored, then the relationship becomes dysfunctional and unless there is honest communication between the two people, schisms in the smooth and joyful relating of one to the other will be present in the relationship.

Within each person, it is also important to know themselves and their values and to honor themselves in these values, for these are an innate part of their essence and the violation of this essence will lead to unhappiness because the basic foundation of all they believe in has not been acknowledged or understood. In all things it is important to stay completely open and honest in all relationships and to honor the ‘other’, to treat them as you yourself would wish to be treated, for in this way, happiness and joy can be perpetuated and life will be a wonderful, sharing and caring adventure.

I leave you now to ponder these thoughts. Know that you are ever loved and adored by your Family of Light.



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