I wish to have discourse on the quality of Love called . What does this quality entail? requires a constancy of devotion, courage, perseverance and faith. It is holding a space within yourself and for others, to maintain a certain level of frequency below which you are not willing to go. It is standing in your Light and your truth no matter what this requires. It requires a person who is balanced in their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies who is able to maintain this equilibrium in all situations that are manifesting in their personal lives and with the World events around them.

Stability means going forward in a measured and rational manner, exercising self control and good common sense. It means that you are someone who can always be relied upon to hold calm and maintain order. When all around you there seems to be chaos, you are one who is the calm in the center of the storm and will be called upon to impart this quality to others around you just by your presence. The aura around you is filled with peace, with harmony, with empowerment, with compassion and an intuitive understanding that this quality is very much needed in that .

It is very important for each of you to ensure that you embody this quality in all situations during these changing times, for there is and will be much that will transpire that can place others in a state of indecisive bewilderment and confusion, when what is required is being and acting quickly in the moment. You inherently know that this is the time to act and all else must be put off until there is an opportunity to process it, that what is required in the moment is to stabilize the emotions of others around you and lead them to a safer space.

Many of you will be called on to take up this quality at different moments of your lives upon your Planet and being a means that this is a quality that most of you embody as transducers of Cosmic energies that require a grounding into the center of the in order to maintain stability. You are definitely no strangers to embodying this quality, Ones, and this training is becoming more and more in demand as your World is releasing old patterns and ancient thoughtforms and systems that no longer resonate with the new space that the Earth and all her inhabitants is moving into.

Know yourselves to be the ones who are as steady as a solid rock upon which is built a solid foundation of safety, protection and constancy. Remaining stable in your thoughts, emotions, reactions and responses is so very important in these times, for there are so many changes upon the face of this Planet in every facet of life as you have known it that require the quality of Love known as stability to be manifest at all times.

To practice this quality of Love requires a commitment to be the Light, Beacon and Anchor of the higher energies that will continue to pour upon the face of the Earth and to never waver in that commitment. It requires a strong belief in Self and your Higher I AM Presence, knowing that you are always guided to be in the right place at the right time doing exactly the right thing for the highest good of all. You are the Anchors of stability upon the Planet and your practice of this most Loving quality of Love is creating strength and courage in others.

I leave you now to ponder on these words and to realize how very much your presence on the Earth at this moment in time is a precious gift of Love to the Earth, Humanity and all the Kingdoms upon Her. Your Love for others prevails and maintains stability for all around you. You are each Loved beyond measure and are being supported and assisted in all ways to fulfill your part in the Divine Plan.



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