In my discourse for this week, I wish to speak to you about the quality of Love called ‘acceptance’. Many times things will happen in your lives that seem to come out of the blue, as it were, and these events can leave you feeling as though your sense of the of things has been disrupted, leaving a of chaos instead. It is at this time that the quality of ‘acceptance’ of what is can come forth to enable you to deal with the situation.

As you work through the emotional aspects of this situation, you find yourselves beginning to balance these emotions by employing the quality called ‘acceptance’ as a way to release the associated feelings of loss, pain, separation or angst that the situation may have caused and as you do this, the emotional charge is dissipated and you begin to heal and feel better about the new direction this event has moved you into. It is necessary to employ this quality in order to move into a higher space and get on with your daily life and living.

Acceptance can also come into play when you observe those around you with whom you are close and see that they are engaged in activities that can cause them great sorrow later on. In this case, after bringing your insights to them and making them clearly known, you then leave the other to make their choice as to whether they will continue that activity or whether they will ponder on your wisdom and take heed of it. This is a higher form of Love known as acceptance, knowing that the only person we can ultimately change is ourselves.

Each of you practices this quality of acceptance almost every day as you move about your daily activities. At the root of it is the understanding that you have a choice before you; to proceed in one direction that can cause discord, disharmony and misunderstanding or, by acceptance of the other person’s right to experience life for themselves and to learn their own lessons in their own way and time and letting go of the need to control the situation. This is also a higher form of Love infused with the energy of wisdom.

In your lives in the present moment, you are each employing this quality of acceptance moment by moment as you traverse the ups and downs of the that are occurring upon your Planet and as you engage your awareness upon the need to transcend situations, occurrences and events by trying a new way, rather than the Old World methods of the clashing of wills in order to have the last word, trying to change the other because you feel that you are right.

You are seeing this quality of acceptance manifesting within all the people around you and it is most certainly noticeable when a person does not employ the quality of acceptance. This person stands out as one who is dogmatic and unreasonable in their viewpoints and rather ‘old fashioned’ in their approach, for in this current time, everything of the Old World is falling away being replaced with a new and most often, better way.

Many people are finding that life is becoming easier and more pleasant as they interact with each other because there is now a greater willingness to accept each other in every way. We see this as another positive step in the process of and applaud all for your continued holding and transmuting of the new energies of the New World as they flow through you into the Earth and all around you, anchoring more firmly upon your Planet.

When all of Humanity upon your Planet can accept and honor each other as the Divine spark of the Creator that each of you is, then a more peaceful and harmonious way of life and being will come to all. I leave you now to ponder these thoughts and shower you with my Love and acceptance, you most perfect Children of the Divine.



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