Beloved Ones,

In this discourse, we wish to explore the quality of called empathy. Empathy is a feeling that automatically comes into play in those who are centered within their heart rather than through the intellect and is a &;soft’ but decisive knowing that the situation that another is experiencing is very challenging and requires the enduring of conditions that no one would willingly and consciously choose to go through but nevertheless have found themselves in the of.

When the quality of empathy is engaged, the one who is going through challenging experiences feels the quality of from the other person and the first person is empowered and uplifted by the intuitive level of comprehension in regards to what the first one is feeling and experiencing and who can easily relate to the commonality of that experience by the simple act of being able to put oneself in the other’s shoes. It requires a highly developed emotional intelligence to realize that what pains one person pains all others also.

In order to help alleviate the associated pain being experienced by one person, the simple act of being willing to explore the inner feelings by the first person will help to empower them to ‘keep on keeping on’. Many times, a kind word or gesture at the right time has uplifted the hearts of many people and has enabled them to go on and keep taking the steps in their individual lives that might not have happened otherwise.

Employing humor in the midst of challenging situations is another form of deep empathy, for there is an inherent knowing that things will always turn out for the best if one just keeps at it in perseverance. This humor on the part of the one who is empathic helps to alleviate the stress and anxiety that usually underlies the internal referencing of the person being challenged as they try to cope and come to terms with, their most trying of situations.

Those who take charge and volunteer themselves to be of physical service in whatever way that is most practically helpful to the ones in distress is another level of empathy in action and can quickly uplift the hearts of those who were feeling depressed, anxious or troubled, for knowing that someone else can relate to and understand their inner emotions and concerns about their situation by being willing to ‘walk their talk’ and then take the physical steps necessary to bring order into the life of the person being challenged.

Sometimes, all that is needed is the human touch, a hug, a gentle pat on the shoulders, a touch of the hands, is all that is needed to ease the pain and confusion of the one who is in a challenging situation. By doing this, the one who feels empathy is expressing Love and respect to the other and lets them know that they are not alone in their present experience. The inner self becomes empowered and uplifted by these outer demonstrations of inner understanding and they thereby regain their emotional balance and equilibrium to keep on putting one foot in front of the other in perseverance.

The quality of empathy is developed in one who has themselves been through similar challenges in their lives and who can remember and relate to the situations and the feelings of depression, hopelessness and worry being experienced by the one in this moment because they also went through these feelings in a critical time in their life. You all have lived in a World where experiencing the duality of opposites of expression has played a major part in your learning and integrating processes and you have all gained a high degree of empathy for those around you. Now is the time to bring this quality out into the open to uplift and empower the people around the World and in your own neighborhoods who are most definitely in need of it. Be the Beacons of , Love and empathy and express the radiance of your Divinity at all times.

I leave you now to ponder on this discourse and the implications thereof. As you go forth in your Brilliance, know that as you are never alone and that you have your Family of Light ever at your side, so too, become the Family of Light to your Earthly sisters and brothers, for what you give forth comes back to you magnified in kind.

I AM Gabriel,


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