28 March 2011 Today is like many days for many people, so who am I to be in a position of inspiration? Who I am is a that is willing to be open and share my truth with you. Some days I wake up and can’t believe the life that I’m living. Why? Because it’s not the life I planned. From a very young age, I always had a very detailed plan for my life, then “life” happened to me. So, I regrouped and realized that I am not solely in control because God and the Universe has so much more in store for me. In those quiet and still moments, I smile because when the lights are out and the hurried hustle of life becomes still, I am okay with who I am and what I have to offer the Universe.

I am a person that’s thirsty for creativity and inspiration. When I need to feed my soul, my “go to” mediums are , , God, and my son. with depth and relatable lyrical content inspires me. Artists like Erykah Badu, Kirk Franklin, and Michael Franks, speak to my and my mind when I’m too overwhelmed to hear my own voice. Working on my artistic craft and the feeling I get from doing so, validates my passion for creative expression. I want to make art not just make “it!” God hears me when my is hurting, crying or yearning for more. His presence is so consistent in my life that even when I feel like I’ve walked away from Him, He’s still with me and pushing me forward. I never thought that one person could redefine me and my character, but my son has done that and more. He makes me look at myself differently. I’m in love with him and his purity. I am his mother and I love it.

I am at peace because I live in the present and I accept who I am. Lauren. God’s Child. Mother. Artist.

How can my journey inspire you? Because no matter where you are, you are exactly where you are supposed to be, at this . I encourage you to be true to yourself, at all times. When you honor yourself, things follow suit. Sometimes you have to take a to pat yourself on the back for your journey, thus far. When I began to act, I remember getting doors slammed in my face. I called my Dad and I was ready to walk away and he said this to me, “Every ‘No’ is one step closer to a ‘Yes!’” I truly believe his words. I leave you with this…no one can give, what you give, how you give it! So keep on giving the best of yourself because what you give is what you keep. We are all still growing so let’s be patient with ourselves.

Peace and Love. Light and Life.

Lauren London

Be true to yourself, at all times