by on March 22, 2011 @ 1:06 am

My new article is coming soon… wanted to read this before posting it and I was not disappointed. Once again, Ben&;s sources line up with my own.

There are many angles on this disaster that must be considered in a grand overview of the situation. I am glad I trusted those dreams enough to post them a week before this happened, as they made it clear that although a huge natural disaster was about to happen, we would pull through it.

The dreams also involved oil shooting out of a volcano, and there is now a new 100-mile-wide oil slick floating in the Gulf by where the spill was. It does seem as if these negative factions are pulling out all the stops to try to forestall their defeat &; but what they’ve done now is so outrageous that it will actually speed up the process much more.

Remember — we won’t have Disclosure until these guys have been neutralized. My own sources have said the US insiders have already moved all their important belongings in to a secure , in , and all they need to do is get on a plane and fly out. All the stuff they need to live in a new house is already in the new .

This is different than the issue Ben has been discussing, where they’re trying to negotiate for a larger bulk of members. This is the elite group — and in their case they already have a fortified location picked out and have already moved their stuff in to their houses. They are just waiting for the to get on the planes and go.

When this happens, it will be an unprecedented crisis in the , as many employees will disappear all at once — including a wide variety of senators and congressmen. They are ready to do this at any moment — that’s how close we are, according to reliable insiders.

All the things we were told would be happening during this time are happening. That also strengthens the case that it is all leading up to a highly positive outcome that these insider groups have no ability to prevent.

– David