Rare Cocktail Opens Portals for Spiritual Seers
A unique blend of cosmic alignments over the next few days opens a portal into new potentials fed by deep streams of renewed creativity and inspiration. This is truly a portal of new beginnings and powerful manifestations.

Tonight's full moon is closer to the earth than at any time since 1993. This full moon in Virgo coincides with the , which lasts three days from March 19-21. The marks a time of year when day and night are of equal length, helping us achieve greater balance.

Add to this mix a rare alignment of the Sun and Uranus at the equinox point of zero degrees Aries. This alignment holds the potential to open energetic portals for inspiration, creativity, new insights and visions. It marks a time to listen to deep streams within and work with intentions powerfully aligned with our spiritual purpose for the highest good of all.

As we work with our highest intentions, we are able to align with others on the to anchor a new time in . This weekend’s cosmic alignments will greatly facilitate these efforts.

We Stand at the Threshold of an Unimagineable Future

This is an important moment in time when energies are crystallizing in a future that is at times difficult to imagine within our present timeframe. The best way to navigate this time and utilize the opportunities it offers is to go within your heart and reside in , , and allowing. As you exist in harmony with the flow of your natural rhythms, you exist in harmony with all the universe.

Standing Strong as Old Structures Crumble

During this time of accelerating earth changes and troubling events playing out on the world’s stage, it is more important than ever to open to the wisdom and guidance of our higher knowing. As old structures and forms crumble to make way for the new time on planet Earth, we are able to stand strong in love and compassion by staying connected through a telepathic connection to our higher .

We offer here some steps to strengthening spiritual telepathy. As we develop a telepathic connection with our higher self, we become spiritual seers able to reach beyond ourselves into the heart of love no matter what comes before us. This ability to remain centered in love and compassion is the source of true healing.

Developing Spiritual Telepathy

In a rapidly evolving world, the only reliable way to navigate is through spiritual telepathy. In this new time, you will encounter many new energies, ideas and challenges. The best way to navigate these scenarios is by maintaining constant, direct telepathy with your higher self. Each time you encounter a new situation, you're able to formulate a question and receive immediate answers from your higher self.

Once you receive this information, you can fashion it into the tools needed to navigate whatever is before you in your present moment. Spiritual telepathy allows you to meet each new situation in your life with the enthusiasm and confidence needed to transform it into the golden opportunities and spiritual signposts that enlighten your spiritual path and allow greater access to fifth-dimensional energies.

We offer here some steps to developing spiritual telepathy.

1) Write down and interpret your dreams every morning. Dreams are messages from your higher self that provide you with important information for your day.

2) Interpret your waking . Just as you translate symbols, you can translate the symbols of your waking "." Everything that happens in your physical reality is pointing the way to deeper spiritual truths.

3) Follow your highest vision. Record the images that arrive in your conscious mind and see how you can put them to use in your life.

4) Write your spiritual autobiography and examine the symbols of each occurrence, especially those you still hold around. By seeing how a situation was helping you grow, you’re able to receive the gifts it offered and expand your understanding.

5) Eat a light and healthy diet that helps heal and clear old energies in your physical system. Detoxing at the physical level triggers healing at all levels. Clearing up the energy in your environment is another form of healing. Examine to see if there is any in your environment and release everything that no longer serves your highest good.

6) Practice silence and meditation. Set aside time each day when you can slow down, breathe and reflect. This helps you cultivate inner peace and the stillness of mind that is crucial to receiving spiritual guidance.

7) Practice Q and A's with your higher self. By writing down questions and using techniques such as automatic writing to receive answers, you strengthen your skill at communicating with your higher self. One of the keys to developing spiritual telepathy is learning to formulate questions that bring the information you need within the moment. Formulating questions requires clear seeing, intuition and discernment. Cultivate these skills to help you know what questions to ask. Questions are the gatekeepers to receiving spiritual insight with impeccable timing.

8) Open to the possibility of cultivating advanced techniques for receiving spiritual guidance such as channeling. Conscious channeling is a skill you can practice by opening your consciousness, entering a light trance and allowing your guides, angels, higher self and other high-vibrational beings to speak through you. To free your conscious mind from the need to remember what is said, you can speak the answers into a tape recorder.

9) Study self-hypnosis and learn to put yourself into a light trance where answers freely from flow into your consciousness. As you become skilled at entering a trance, you can slip in and out of this state throughout your day. This "soft focus" state allows you to download messages from your "etheric email" account. The equivalent of this in your physical world is downloading your e-mail from a server. In this case the "server" is your subconscious mind which receives the information from your higher self.

10) Practice relaxation and other techniques such as yoga and t'ai chi that help you coordinate and harmonize body, mind and spirit. This allows you to function in the state of oneness needed to navigate the fifth dimension.

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Source: Celestial Vision