16 March 2011

Channeler: Takeli, FLAME OF DIVINE LOVE

15th March 2011

Dear Heart Presences of Light, I greet you in great Love: I AM Uriaté, and I AM Iliaté, of the 7th degree of Heaven – in that, we reside in the dimension known to you as the 7th Light.

We say this, that you understand our words to be of Truth of the Heart: of deepest Integrity, in the greatness of Love that is our Creator Light, that shines within you all, who read or receive these words.

This is a time of deep sorrow and Compassion for the Japanese people; who have suffered much in their history at times. They must be restored to their former glory, for all of Humankind has need of their particular frequencies, to ensure a complete and total process takes place on .

This is one of great and immense upheaval, as one paradigm shifts into the next, in an immensity of change and transformation. As is ever so, in a polarity or duality based system, there is a propensity to move to the extremes of the overall harmonic of the governing system. There are those, who are of service, in their extremes of fear-based consciousness, and there are those, who hold to the opposing position of great Light.

This time has now come to closure, upon your : the Creator, in its Divine Love, shall allow no more devastation, that comes from Human intent, by those holding to the extremes. We of the Light Forces, are utilising every possible means available to us, to move beyond the paradigm of duality based focusing, into that which is of the Harmonic of Unity that is known to you as Love: that as one receives a particular experience, it is dealt with by all, not only the few who are directly within the focus of this experience.

While indeed, the cause of the tsunami and the earthquakes will be debated by many, let it be clearly understood, that this was not ’s doing at this time. She had no requirement, to cause such havoc, as was brought to the islands of . Those with agendas of dominion of your Earth plane, caused this event, with their intent to cause even greater devastation, diminished in some measure, by those who safeguard the Earth from its absolute destruction at this time. Likewise, the that would have arisen, had their plan succeeded in totality, would be much greater than it has been found to be…such is our service to you, in the realms of the Guides, the Angelic forces, and those of the , and beyond.

It is in the focus of healing, that we call upon you now: that we, together, understand fully, the focus of Love and its capacity to rectify that which is done out of fear-based frequencies of hatred, greed, and the desire for a world order based on its total control by them.

It is time to to the calling of the Light within you: to recognise, to understand, that it is in your Hearts now, that you will find your own answer, to that which takes place now upon the Earth.

Who you are, is truly a masterpiece of Light consciousness, who has focused itself into the density of a polarised experience, in the third dimension. As the intensity of Love increases rapidly now, the power of the Light causes processes of the Light within you to awaken you to this knowing now: the time of fear-based dominance of your world has come to closure, and within you, is all that you need, to cause the process that you are to provide to the whole, to take its path through your thought processes, your words, your deeds, in the coming days, weeks and months ahead.

Earth, and Humanity, must take its rightful place in the greater Cosmos: an immensity of with much Life upon them, awaiting your appearance, as the Light filled focuses of experiencing, you are ever intended to be the experience and the knowingness of. Many await you in their Love of you, to share with you of their gifts and capacities for healing, on personal and planetary levels.

And so it is now, to awaken within yourself, the strength of knowingness, that has you defining yourself as ones who walk in the Light of Love upon the planet, sharing of your understandings with those steeped in the density of fear-based processes, of what will take place on Earth.

Like any birthing process, it may take the form, through fear and misunderstanding, as a painful and necessary experience to bring forth a child, or as a Joyful and orgasmic time of transformation and deep connectedness to this part of you, as, in full connection to the Spirit within you, you welcome the crowning of the new dawn, birthing a new reality on this Earth.

Thank those, who bring to you their Love in any form: welcome them with open arms into your pathways of Love now. I speak of those who share with you, the wisdom of those whose words inspire you to greater understanding and awareness of Love within you; or who share willingly of their own gifts, encouraging you to bring forth your own to share with them as well.

Breathe deeply, connecting to the particles of Golden Light, taking them deep into your body with your intent. In this way you refocus your energies, allowing the Light of Creator’s Love to form itself within you, as you inhale them deeply into your Being. This opens the doorway to Spirit shining itself within you, empowering the words you would speak, the vision you would create, and the intent you set forth in such moments.

Create for yourself, reminders in your physical locations, of the Love that surrounds you at every turn, in ways that are uplifting and meaningful to you. Where you must be confined to a workplace that does not allow for such reminders in the physical, create a touchstone of Love in your own awareness, by linking your sensory reality to the recalling of the Beauty of such a space, in your Home, in your Etheric Sanctuary, a favourite place in nature, and so forth.

Combine the 5 sensory reality with the 6th sense, by bringing forth a few words of Prayer, that connect you into the Love of your Beingness, in the Light of Creator’s Love; add to the images your favourite colours and sound frequencies as well, and allow for the subtle touch of Love upon your skin, your hair, or however you may choose to receive it, by those who journey with you as your Guiding and Entourage focuses of Love and healing.

Such processes, which initially may seem of complexity, are what will assist you beyond measure, to remain held within the focus of Love that you are intended to Be on the Earth during this time of great change and healing, of that which no longer serves.

When you speak into the Love of Creator’s Light with your Passion, in the Truth of your Heart, holding to the knowing of Trust within you, the power of your intent to manifest is Honoured by the Light forces to whom you have addressed your words. What has been chosen by you as the focus of the Prayer, will manifest itself to the fullest degree possible, in the power of your Love that you have brought to these words of Prayer. And as there are two or more that Pray together in the alliance of the Heart, this powerful focus is magnified even more strongly, to better harness the universal energies of Love, in the direction of what is being created by those participating in this focus of Prayer, or alignment of your Heart energies and words.

We ask of you now, to use the power of Prayer each day now, to refocus the disharmonic frequencies on Earth into a space of great Love. We of the Light realms shall receive these Prayers as the Loving gift they are to us, to all concerned with the transformation of Earth into a higher dimensional process. We utilise this to the fullest degree, to balance the energies into Love that no longer have any form of Love within them.

We are with you, in each and and every moment, Guiding your thought processes into Love, as often as we find them to be out of Love. Take a moment to breathe deeply; and to remember that we are here with you, to assist you in creating for yourself, that which is of greatest possible service to the whole, and thereby, to yourself as well.

We are Uriaté and Iliaté, of the Elven Light: we have chosen to align to the greatness of Love, that is the chosen Harmonic of the Guardians of Developing Societies, who Guide and assist in the process of implementing the Great Shift in Consciousness, now underway on Earth. We welcome You: we Honour Your commitment to service and to Love, for the greatest and most Loving outcome of the whole.

We Love You deeply, beyond measure, for your courage, your willingness, to journey with us, in this magnificent and powerfully transformative time on the Earth plane of the refocusing of your conscious reality; and we hold you, as we hold ourselves, in the Eternal Flame of Divine Love that is Creator Light, the Goddess Weaves of Love, and the Love of the Christ Light, that shines within each of us Eternally.

And so it is.