El Morya: Shake, Rattle, and Rise . . . through Light and Sound . . . to the Rhythm of the One
7 March 2011


Dear One,

It is I, El Morya, Keeper of the Golden Flame that inspires a new Golden Age of Golden Light. The time is upon us now dear one, to allow the Golden Light of the Golden Flame to flow. To flow into every , every atom, every particle in your body and . . . and every crack, every crevice, every part of the herself . . . receiving, bathing, healing, and transcending any and all pain of the existential experience . . . and moving into the graceful sound, rhythms, and light of a new, higher dimensional field of experience.

Your cells, body, earth, and human/animal culture are receiving new DNA and new Light . . . to bring every being up to speed with the new levels of flow . . . in the Fifth Dimension. Every particle is activating in this Light. Every broken particle then is being stimulated . . . to activate and re-activate its Higher Light. Which is Wholeness. Wellness. Well-Beingness. Creativity. Joy. Love. And Light. As each particle stimulates, with these new energies, it is vibrating differently. If you’ve ever had a bone out of , it is very painful . . . until re- comes . . . and the natural order is re-instated and resumed. Dear One – every particle in your being, and in the Earth Mother’s, and in All, all around you, is being stimulated into the new Light Codes, which are the Source Life Force Codes that support Life and a physical sense of Beingness. These Light Codes are vibrating at much higher rates, than previously ever consciously experienced, in timed time. And so, as the frequencies shift into Higher Light, the vibrations increase, and in your mind’s eye, vibrate or rattle or shake each and every particle . . . into this new frequency. That is the dizziness some are experiencing. That is the nausea some report. That is the chaos of some. It is a vibrating, rattling, or shaking off, at the core of every being, to rise into the Higher Light Codes . . . of Unified Light. Separated Light Codes are the frequencies of the old dimensions. Thus separated parts are also frequencies of the old dimension. Unification is the seamless Light Code Frequency. As your particles vibrate, at this higher Light-Filled rate, they are rattling off (“sound cleansing”) any old vibrations of separation, pain, and discord. And they are also soothingly then (through Sound and Light) rattling the New Light Codes within, into with the new Light Codes in the All.

The rattling then, at vibrational levels, is a Sound Code, sounding the release of codes no longer useful in the new dimension . . . and sounding the birth and new placement of the New Light Codes within . . . here to anchor a new human being and New Earth Experience . . . in all living and non-living things.

This New Earth, New Human, New Living Experience is what is rapidly unfolding in each and every being at this present evolutionary leap in your experience. When you feel the vibrational rattling, it is a cue to your entire energy field, to pause, Breathe deeply, and to allow this Sound and Light healing, that is facilitating this new evolutionary leap into the next dimension. No cell, no particle, no atom, . . . no person, no animal, no plant, no fish, or earth . . . will be passed over from this Sound and Light cleansing and healing. All are dancing to the Rhythm of the One.

Every vibe that is humming at the cellular, particle level is coordinating this dance. It is a cosmic call, and internal toning, occurring at a massive level, through the tiniest particles known to the conscious mind. And this dance, coordinated effortlessly, through the ease and grace of Divine Timing and Divine Order . . . is thus occurring silently in some, and noisily in others. Every cell, and every being, and every thing responds to the cosmic music occurring deeply within, according to their own internal rhythms and abilities. But all are dancing. All are cleansing. All are rising . . . the new frequencies and new Light Codes within.

In the Sacred Sounds of the Light Codes, is the Unifying Grace of Harmonious Oneness. Allow yourself now . . . to rattle off vibrations that are out of alignment with this new Harmonious Oneness. As these old vibrations rattle out, at the cellular, subatomic, particle level, the new Light Codes are rattling in. As they move in, they will settle the whole system into its natural state of perfect alignment.

So do not be alarmed, dear ones, if you notice some rattling occurring in you. Gently notice it. See particles of old rattle up to the surface, and float away into the cosmic ethers . . . cleansed by the increasing in-flow of Source Light in the Earth’s new atmosphere. And gently smile within, breathing deeply each moment, each time this rattling is felt and known to you, that the new Light Codes now have a new space within you . . . to anchor the new Dream, the new Light, the new Bliss and Grace and Oneness . . . of the New Earth’s Harmonic Oneness.

It is time within us all . . . to allow this New Age of Golden Light . . . to be birthed through Sound and Light Codes within . . . to invite the dance and rhythms of a New Earth Experience . . . singing and aligning its Harmony once more . . . with the Great Central Sun . . . to shine its Golden Light Rays . . . to and through every single one in the collective One.

This is the time of allowing the flow . . . of this golden streaming Light . . . to be a healing balm of the old ways . . . and cosmic activator of the new.

This is the time to embody the Light you see without . . . in your perfect Sun . . . in your Inner Sun within . . . and allow its Light Codes to activate in the flow . . . of the Golden Flame Dance . . . birthing the next great Golden Age. It is Time.

Blessings Dear Ones!

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Blessings to All!