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Sunday, 20 , 2011

On March 19th, 2011  our Full occurs @ 28°48′ Virgo/Pisces at 2:11 pm EST proceeded by the Vernal Equinox on March 20th at 7:20 pm EST. The Virgo Full brings to culmination that which began during the previous Pisces New Moon.

This post delineates the Full Moon and will be followed upon my Equinox interpretation (hopefully before the event)!

A service-related axis, Virgo-Pisces represents the balance of preforming practical, everyday services and routines while maintaining one’s ethos in relation to the service of a Higher vision, law and/or common good, and vice versa. Within this axis we seek to ground higher ideals into practical forms while being cognizant that our practical forms embody and promote a Higher Vision.

Virgo-Pisces is also representative of our relationship to healing. Healing within Pisces is attained through forms of surrender, compassionate expressions and the recognition of the greater connectivity of all life with these attributes being best fostered via practices that promote objectivity and a philosophy that stretches beyond the confines of the material world. Within Pisces we nurture that which is beyond the limitations of the physical world. Within Virgo healing is attained via the practice of daily routines that strengthen and promote the well-being of the physical body and mind and these regimens are generally approached in a more subjective manner and developed through analytic applications. Virgo sustains by developing forms and techniques through recognition and respect of the limitations of physicality.


The specifics for, and my interpretation of, this Virgo Full Moon are as follows:

The for the Sun @ 29° Pisces shares: “Light is breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism&;. Here we find that the Sun is focusing Light/Knowledge/Wisdom that has previously been beyond our capability to see/know/grasp into simpler forms that are more easily comprehended. Uranus, residing on the Aries Point (1°), is tightly conjunct the Piscean Sun and is anxious to get on to the business of the ‘new’ and therefore seeks to hasten our departure from the ‘old’ via sudden epiphanies and/or events that bring us quickly to the understandings represented as possibilities via the 29th Pisces Sun degree. As this is a Full Moon these energies will be focused to the Moon degree at 29 Virgo. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon @ 29° Virgo shares: “A seeker of occult knowledge is reading an ancient scroll which illumines his mind”. This symbol implies that the focus of illumination will promote an understanding of previously hidden/unknown information through analysis of previously “recorded/experienced” information/situations.

Due to the Full Moon degree tightly squaring the degree’s of the December 2010 Lunar Eclipse(and also the current position of the transiting Nodes which were conjunct the Lunar Eclipse last December), the unfolding events of the current Full Moon are likely to be in direct correlation to what was catalyzed by last Decembers LE, this correlation lending a certain gravity to the further unveiling of situations and our chosen responses to said situations.

This lunation also finds the Sun conjunct Uranus and the opposing Moon in an applying wide square to Pluto in Capricorn. This formation is technically an out-of-sign T-square that places pressure upon our Pluto/Capricorn initiatives(the re-creation/invention of societal persona’s and responsibilities) via what is illuminated/generated by the Sun-Uranus to Moon opposition. Both the Sun and Moon quickly transition into Cardinal signs (Aries and Libra) post Full Moon and then bring this mixed mutable/cardinal t-square fully into a cardinal expression. Due to this rapid translation of that which is received/accepted via the Full Moon might be quickly acted upon/initiated within hours of the Full Moon as the mutable influence gives way to cardinal.

The squares to Pluto are reflective of inharmonious situations and adjustments may be required to fulfill the promise of this lunation with considerations and/or actions being applied to Cancer related concerns such as emotional well-being, family, the past, home, women etc.

With Uranus’ involvement in these squares to Pluto the inclination may arise to throw aside anything that one feels is suppressing their ability to express themselves individually or hampering their quest for new experiences yet these urges are best tempered by finding a means to compromise with what one wishes to achieve on the individual level with what one’s commitment are to familial and societal relations.

Also to be considered is the conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter in Aries as they are the rulers of the Moon and Sun degrees respectively. Mercury-Jupiter are currently applying in opposition to Saturn in Libra. This configuration lends a grounding quality and one application of this aspect could be viewed as our need to willingly apply parameters to our new endeavors that allow for our continuing fulfillment of relational responsibilities while seeking to embrace and develop our individual endeavors. Mercury/Jupiter is conducive to the expansion of mental processes and communications while Saturn rewards responsibility and common-sense-ability.  Taking this into consideration, I feel the caution here is to monitor and form one’s thoughts and communications in a manner that does not belie one’s good-sense and authoritativeness  nor give the appearance of, or initiate in earnest, a bucking of one’s true responsibility to others due to a misaligned desire for, or belief of, self-grandiosity. Simply put: temper that urge to grandstand like a peacock if you’ve not got the goods to back it and even if you have the goods to back it, but it does not bode favorably for those you hold dear, same advice! ;)


While this Full Moon holds much promise it also needs to be carefully navigated for there are some rather tense and conflicting energies afoot. Finding the middle path, sticking to it, and being considerate of all parties will undoubtedly produce the best results for everyone. If feeling spread thin, anxious or emotionally overwhelmed due to the tension during this Moon remember that tension is what catalyzes us to actions and though discomfort often accompanies forward gains in retrospect we generally find the discomfort to be a distant echo and yet vividly recall and appreciate the gains!

There is certainly enough energy packed into this lunation to round corners and make headway over longer-standing issues/concerns. We are sliding right into Equinox tomorrow and things will heat up and quicken rapidly. I hope we all take the time to honor this beautiful Moon and reflect one last time on where our journey’s have carried us this the past year before we jump forward and get on with living our new days and ways.

Blessings~ Kachina Houska

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