03/30/2011 by John Smallman

As you continue to stride forward towards your awakening from the illusion, do not fail to remember that you are constantly embraced by the ever-intensifying energy surrounding and enveloping Planet at this most exciting time. You are God’s beloved children, infinitely loved and cared for in every moment of your , and consequently you will awaken as divinely intended.

The light you are bearing, as you make your way Homewards, is stunningly brilliant, and affects everyone with whom you interact, causing their interactions with others to grow brighter.  This enlightening of is proceeding apace because it is your will, along with the divine Will, that it should do so.  Your task is to become enlightened, as is indeed happening, and to assist others to do the same.  And you are succeeding magnificently because no other outcome is even remotely possible for the children of God.

Becoming truly aware that you are God’s children is, of course, another aspect of the awakening process one which is presently being addressed.  As you start to realize and understand this, it becomes blatantly obvious that the only way to treat others is with love, compassion, and the utmost respect.  How else could you possibly treat a perfect child of your divine Creator?

As you can see, more and more of you are doing this, and it has a , spreading outwards in increasingly large circles of influence from those who lovingly accept all with whom they come in contact, and then mingling and melding with all the ripples flowing out from others who behave in the same manner.  This display of brilliantly shimmering fields of love rippling out amongst humanity is quite glorious to behold.
Not one person on the planet can avoid being caught up in and strongly influenced by the ripple effect as it washes so gently and yet so powerfully and inevitably over everyone in its path.  And everyone is in its path; there is nowhere on earth where it can be avoided, because it can and will penetrate every area of the planet with the most wonderful consequences for all of you.

Humanity’s joy and happiness is divinely assured because your awakening is inevitable.  And to be awake in the glorious brilliance of God’s divine Light is ecstatically enlivening and creatively enthralling.  You are to experience existence in a that is way beyond your abilities to imagine or comprehend.  It is the of existence God created you to experience and enjoy eternally, because He created you to be blissful and your bliss delights Him.

Release your doubts and your fears about eternal heavenly existence, as they slow down your awakening process, which is pointless and just causes you unnecessary suffering of which you have already had far too much.  Rejoice in the certainty that you are divine beings returning Home to your Father’s heavenly domains where doubt, anxiety, fear, or suffering of any kind is eternally impossible.  Continuously remind yourselves that a divine welcome awaits you.

With so very much love, Saul.