28 March 2011

Channelized message by Lord Buddha, through Tamanna C

My dear loved ones and trans-ascending energies of mass,
I would like you all to know and grow to one of light. It’s that that will reunite us as a universal body. Right now we are going through a rough patch which was all crafted and designed keeping in mind the higher plan. The higher plan was not to segregate each individual into his own self, but the master plan was to re-unite and re- blends all the energies together, so sum total conscious is higher than those that exist on lower plans of .

As we go through this shift, you may find yourself bouncing with all sorts of energies, positive, negative, dealing with emotions coming back from past, creating the present and the worrisome future. You need to realize that you only have the power to control your energies. You don’t have the power to control the universal energies that are coughing this . My suggestion to you is control the energies by being as grounded as possible. When in flight, there is no direction to your energies. That is why you are getting carried away by other’s energies around you. You feel weak, vulnerable and exposed because you find yourself constantly needing and wanting some system. That system or ball of energy that can sustain your growth and energy is none but that of the universe which will only come to you during grounding times. When you find yourself grounded, you will exactly be in tune of what you need to discard and what exactly you need, and it is during the grounding you segregate the unwanted, creating space for what I exactly needed.
It might be a slow process but from to end, there will be clarity. Grounding will stabilize you and will also stabilize rate at which people or situations affect you. Only when grounded you can stir your wheel of energies allowing the flow of energies from inside to outside and vice a versa. It happens at a sub conscious level but will reflect in the conscious level before you’d even know. Grounding will help you monitor your life’s purpose and give you strength to handle every other soul and situation in a manner exactly needed without you getting affected.
Lastly in order to be grounded, the most important thing you need to do is, be comfortable with yourself. Be alone. Just be. You need to be comfortable knowing that fact that you can’t and you don’t have to depend on others for your existing energies. You need to exist by yourself and still feel whole and complete. Start with awareness and it will come to you.
As you take each breathe, allow yourself to breathe the wholeness and completeness of your entire being. Allow yourself to be alone, knowing that you are going to be safe, secure and protected and knowing you will survive this grounding with complete grace.
This message was channelized through Tamanna at an hour tuned into frequency dealing with souls going through same sphere of restless. The earth’s energies are strong impacting us to be more grounded rather than being segregated. As we function vice versa, the rest energies take over our psyche and all 5 dimensions, allowing us to function in an erratic manner, creating nothing but confusions for us and all souls we touch.