God said:

You are attached to . If you were not, you would not suffer. You would not agonize.

You who are attached to the internet have forgotten the truth of your existence which is: You reach far and wide everywhere with or without the computer. You are far-reaching. You are a far-reaching human Being.

And you, and everyone else, are also far-receiving human Beings.

Do you think that because something is not published, that it does not go out? Do you think that because the , which the internet is, remains within your computer that it is not received?

Do you think that because I am not visible that I am not?

Upset is visible, yet emotions themselves are not seen. There may be evidence of your emotions, yet emotions themselves are not seen. They are construed, yet how very real are emotions to you. How very real are your emotions to you. You may not give great regard to others’ emotions. You may smile at others’ emotions, their joy or their heartbreak. From your view, others’ emotions do not quite have the significance that your own do. You see others’ emotions as fleeting things while your own emotions hold you in their vise.

And, so, your computer is broken, and you feel relegated to being out of the loop. You are on a desert island. Life has seemingly gone on without you. It seems to you that have been severed from life in the world. You have had a kind of death. You have been left behind. The world is going on without you. Although you are as much part of life as you ever were, you feel left out.

Your life is not really dependent upon computer interaction any more than it is dependent upon the style of clothing that you wear.

We, you and I, can write the lyrics for a song: “It is only you and Me, baby, as it ever was. Just you and Me, dancing across the Universe. This is what life is, baby, you and Me.”

It is not illusion that you are connected to the world. The illusion is that you are dependent upon the internet to connect you. The illusion is that you are dependent.

Willy-nilly, thoughts are exchanged. There is interchange between souls. Your heart is speaking to all the people you know right now. I am speaking through you as much as ever. It is not really a secret that hearts speak across the galaxies, and hearts are connected, and hearts meet through the simple act of love.

And, so, even in a cave, hearts speak, and hearts hear.

Let there be death of illusion, and Truth arise. Let Truth expand your heart. Let Our companionship wrap the world into Our hearts. Let Us be bound in love and nothing else. Let Our love be far-reaching and near-reaching. Let it be known that Our love is all, and all is love.

Is love dependent upon physical connections? No, love is dependent upon nothing but itself. Love is independent. Love is not dependent upon a word, or a voice, or a smile, or eyes looking into yours, or an email. With or without emails, you and everyone else are connected, and well-connected. You are connected with Me.

So, your computer crashed. The computer, I repeat, is not your connection to the world. It is a graphic display of your connection. It is loud and clear, and yet the computer is not your lifeline to the world. It is a mechanical object that brings the spiritual into the physical. First there is the spiritual. The spiritual comes first. Without the spiritual, the computer is nothing. Without the spiritual, nothing is anything. The spiritual cannot crash. The spiritual is everything. And all is well.

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