God said:

Our continuation hand in hand is assured. We are a ship that has set sail, and We are mates. Myself you call , and you call yourself mate. In one sense that is Our arrangement. In a truer sense, We are One. There is One of Us. One. Yet We like to be mates sailing across the bounty main. Even as We sail and sail, We are a still picture. It looks as if the wind blows astern, and the waves wax and wane like the in the vast sky, and yet We are a still picture. We are about to sail. We are already in the middle of the ocean, and We are about ready to reach shore. We are nothing but Silence, and yet there are sound waves of Our Silence, cresting and furling, furling and cresting, We Who are the Sea appear to sail. The horizon is vast. Our hearts are vast. All is Vastness even though there is no measure to it. There is no beginning nor end to Our Vastness. We are the rolling hills of life. There is a tide of Us in the Vastness of Stillness or t he Stillness of Vastness.

We ARE. not the definitions. The fact is that We cannot be defined, yet that is what life in the world seems to be about, a , and identifiable , a unanswerable on that level. We know and are known on a vaster level than definition. In that sense, We are an insoluble .

And, so, life on is a search for answers to the puzzle that cannot be found yet feels urgent to solve. What is there to solve? Your mind wants to know what the and spirit already know. Deep down you truly know that which you call the Unknown. Funny, isn’t it, that you call Truth the Unknown when you have always known it. The knowledge submerged is the knowledge Known. All the rest is swirls and ruffles. You must think you need to stitch that which is already sewn.

Hearts are in place. And heart and spirit and Silence are all that are knowable. All the rest is speculation. You place your bets when, all the while, the outcome is assured. You like to speculate. Your mind likes to roam the range and lasso the cattle. There is only the herding of your heart, beloveds. You herd the herder, as it were. You chase yourself. You hear the rumblings of your own heart and call the rumblings the beginning of time.

Your heart is stirred. You stir it. You stir life. You collect it. You try to fathom it. It is unfathomable. and coexist. It is like impossible, and the impossible is what is. You are and the Moon, and you coexist with the Oneness. Impossible, yet that is what is.

You are unreinable, and yet you pull the reins on yourself. You start and stop yourself when you are unstoppable. Into One Heart you rest and never sleep and are always awake. You are always under the umbrella of My heart. You are spokes of My love. You radiate. The umbrella turns on its axis, and so the North Star appears in the sky. The North Star seemingly holds everything in place, even when there is no place to hold anything.

And, behold, you. You are the of My Heart, and My Heart is full with love for you, and with My love for you, Eternal Life begins and stays, Eternal Life which is what has always been.

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