God said:

I speak to all My children when I say you. You means every single one of you, the educated and the uneducated, the deaf, the mute, the renegade and the saint.

I speak of that special place within your that is eternal. It is the special that is called spirit, , Being, the Truth of You. This is not your hurt feelings at all. It is beyond feeling, although it is felt. You must know that you have an within you that is far more than solid , solid mind, solid heart. The soul of you is far more than everything else put together, a hundred-thousand times over. It is silent. It is unseen, and yet it is the knowing part of you.

I have to say part, yet you must know, that the soul I speak of is far more than a part. It is the whole of you. It is the whole of existence. It is way more than the parade of you on Earth. It is existential. It is transcendent. The poets have spoken of it. Without your knowing the meaning in words, you know the meaning. You are awakened to the essence. The meaning does not have words. It surpasses words. It surpasses identification. It is essence. This is the level on which We communicate.

You hear My love. It vibrates. It vibrates the Earth. It vibrates you. The way plums fall from trees, you catch My love in words. My love pings in your heart, and you translate the pings into words that you know. You are a God-Sensor. You are an of My love, and you interpret My love in words. From deeper than language, you translate Me into words. You know Me beyond words. You hear Me in that secret silent place in your heart, and your mind translates My love into words. I speak a different language, you understand. I speak in the origin of language. The closest description of it would be a certain vibration, a hum. All of nature is aware of My hum. You are part of nature as much as the birds who interpret Me into song. You and every creature on Earth are interpreting Me all the day long and in dreams at night as well and all your life long on Earth.

You may think of your interpreting My love as looking for Me, seeking Me, searching for Me, wanting to get to know Me when you know Me so well all along. You are looking for another level of Me. A world level of Me, not a deeper level, for you know Me very well to the depths of your toes. knows Me. Every newborn, every child, every man and woman, you know and you don’t know, know Me. The masses know Me. No one could exist without knowing Me. It is just that on the more surface level that you are not quite able to grasp Me, for, of course, I am ungraspable.

However, I know you. I know you deeply. Love knows love. I AM love, and yet I am love beyond what your mind can encircle as love. I am the Lovable. I am the Knowable, and yet you think I am the Unknown. Your mind thinks I am the Unknown. I cannot be found, really found, in the dictionary, for no one can describe Me on the level of the Earth Mind.

And, so, you are imbued with Me in that remarkable place within your heart, that place – I say place for want of a better word – where I always am, and where you are, too, indelibly Mine.

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