God said:

Flowers are meant to blossom, and you are meant to blossom the same. So then, blossom.

How simple is life when you remember that you are a flower that grows to the sun and blooms. It is a simple task. It is not complicated.

A flower blooms because it is natural to bloom, and it is natural for a flower to give pleasure to all who see it. And it is natural for you to take pleasure in flowers. Is not your heart grateful to the flowers that bloom before your very eyes?

Flowers radiate their love without fanfare. And so must you. So must you be a flower that fulfills its purpose. Even when you don’t know your purpose, you can bloom. In fact, I tell you, there is not a that you are not in process of blossoming. Do not ever think that you must stunt your growth for the sake of you-know-not-what.

My are not so easily named as flowers are. A rose is a rose. It is a flower, and its declension is rose. Let Us say that all My are roses, and the varieties of roses are endless. What declension of rose are you? There is no name for you. You spend your life on Earth trying to find out your name. You discover yourself as you go along.

The generic name for you is Lovely Rose. Will you remember that? You grow in a Garden of Lovely Roses.

And now you become a Loving Rose.

My children do not even hold a rose’s thorns as black marks against roses. Yet, when it comes to the human roses in My Garden of Life, you are critical of their deportment. You to appreciate some and not others. You do not always appreciate the rose that you are. In fact, you generally do not.

There is nothing that the rose of you in My Garden cannot be. That is what you do not yet accept. You think the rose of you has limits. You you are to blossom. The rose of you may think you are a shrinking violet or a wall flower or an unknown variety of rose. And yet a rose is a rose. You are a rose of My heart.

Identify yourself now. You have a DNA as roses do, and yet you are a self-determining rose. You can choose yourself. You can go to My Garden and out who you are. You are not . The possibilities of you are endless. Perhaps you stop blossoming too soon. You may not know that you are perennial. You may not know the Vastness of the rose that you are.

If you are someone who would not choose yourself, then grow to the sun and become the rose you yourself would like to pick. You are not stationary. You are not glued to a patch where only one kind of rose grows. The varieties are infinite, and you are infinite.

Draw your own picture. Let the rose you are unfold and unfold again and once more, and once more a thousand times.

I made a beautiful rose when I made you. Believe it. It is with other that you have defined yourself. Right now, , grow beyond those little encircling fences you have made for yourself. You are not a rose who is to stay within certain lines. No, not at all. You are a rose who grows. Assume new proportions .

Be the rose you want to be. Aspire. yourself from being one kind of rose and that’s all. You are an unlimited rose. You are the kind of rose who can bloom today and bloom tomorrow. You are an ever-blooming rose.

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