God said:

Pure is the that loves. Love takes care of all the obstacles. When there is love, obstacles to love have no choice but to fade. Love wins. Obstacles don&;t. Love and obstacles do not coexist. What was an is no longer an .

Even if for a moment, obstacles lag. When love surmounts obstacles, obstacles by the very nature of love come down to size. Obstacles, like , are not as big or high-faluting as they seem. Obstacles, like , are frail.

Obstacles to love are evidence of ego.

You were taught and learned a standard that said: &;Of course, you don’t love here or like that.&; Obstacles to love are a matter of pride. In truth, there is not anyone who does not merit your love. My love is full and avoids no corners. If you are to give My love, then you are to love as I do love. You give love like Mine. My love is unrestricted love, for My love within you comes from the heart, not the mind. Sometimes the mind is just too clever to love. The mind is too smart for its own good. The mind plants its feet and dares not depart.

Love is not something that is weighed.

Because you love everyone does not mean that you are obliged to everyone. Love is not – I repeat – love is not obligation. Obligation is love enchained. Love enchained is not love. I adjure you to love and to love all. Because you love and loves you does not obligate you to subjugate your will. You are not going to marry everyone you love. Love means going by the heart and not mind. Obligation is of the mind.

When it comes to love, when it comes to the state of loving, love is not denied. Love the reprobate. Love the judger. Love all those who do not know about love and the range of love. The ball is in your court. You love. You just love.

The naughty boy is just as worthy of love as the obedient boy.

The man with a closed heart is just as worthy of love as the man with an open loving heart. This is what it means that you love all. Your love is not respective of status, performance, or judgment.

If love is too big a word for you, then choose the word appreciate, or choose the word blessing. Appreciate and bless. Someone with a closed heart exists in the world. Is he not brave? Bless him for his courage then.

Maybe you were that restricted heart once. And look how much your heart has opened. Look at you now. Someone, or many, appreciated and blessed you. They saw that you were a leaf from God’s tree. For a moment, or for a day, or always, they saw Whose child you are. They saw beyond your daily manifestation. They were not trying to improve or change you. They simply saw what I do see.

What I am capable of, you are capable of. The question is: Are you willing?

Are you willing to defray your willful mind and surrender to your heart? No longer deny the wealth of your heart.

What you surrender to is Truth.

Be brother or sister to all. No longer separate yourself.

Love the lost lambs as well as the found ones.

Love for a change. Love first. Love without revision. Love because everyone in the world can use your love. Love because you need your love. Love for no other reason than that the sun shines. Unrestrict your love so that the sun shines for all.

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