God said:

I speak from My . There is nowhere else to speak from. My speaks. My speaks to you. My is , so speaks to you from the .

Truth thunders through you. Truth is inescapable, and yet you escape it time and time again. Nevertheless, Truth is right before you. It is not an inch away.

Truth would assail you. Truth wants to be known. Truth is so wonderful, and yet you try to run away from it or evade it or cover it up. There has been a huge cover-up in the world, and yet Truth remains. Truth keeps coming up even as you avoid Truth’s splendor. Truth is inescapable, and yet you escape from it time and time again.

What would happen to you if you accepted the Truth about yourself? What would happen to you if you accepted yourself in all your glory? What do you think would happen if you accepted your splendor? What if you accepted yourself as you are? You would thread through the wheat seamlessly. You would love the world, and you would love yourself. You would not be a bundle of nerves. You would relax into the Universe. You would ride the waves of love. You would be elevated, and you would elevate all that surrounds you. You would ride the whale of life. You would know that life was yours to spend in melody.

And, so, I activate your heart to embrace. The mind does not embrace. The heart embraces. Your mind sorts and organizes, but what does it sort and organize? Life is not made of the crusading mind. Life is made of your vibrant heart reflecting from .

I hold you in a firm embrace of My heart. My heart would run off with you. My heart claims you. You are claimed by My heart. You are infinitely Mine. If you run away, you don’t know what you are running from. Better than running away, run to Me. Run into My arms of love. It is inevitable anyway. You are as good as caught. You are caught in love. You might as well stay. There is no better place. There is no place nearly so good. There is no place anywhere near it.

Why do you seemingly have sorrows to drown? Have an ocean of love to swim in instead. Ride the waves. Enjoy. Leap into the waters again and again. Swim like a and never want to get out, never want to go to shore. Capture the ocean in your heart. Let the ocean flow through your veins. Let your heart leap in the ocean like a . How do you separate a from the ocean, and why would you?

Fish and ocean go in tandem. They splash. They love one another. They are made for each other.

I made you and made you for Me as an extension of Me. I made you so that you would extend Me to everyone. I made you to acquaint everyone with Me. I made you to be a shining example of Me. I made you to portray Me as I would be as a human being on . I made you to be a glimpse of Me. I made you to embody Me in world life. I made you to edify Me. I made you to be Me.

I made you to walk the Earth as an angel made in Heaven would walk the Earth and radiate the peace of love.

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