God said:

Your is not an attic to be stored with unused unuseful items. Your is not meant for storage at all. Put no boxes in your , no unused items. Empty your of old collections. They collect dust. They sit there. They block your way.

In life, you are to take a running leap. You do not want too much in the way, too much to jump over, too much to get around, too much waylaying of your heart, Our heart, Our One . Do not muddy the waters of your heart.

Precious is your heart. It is a keepsake. Your heart is, of itself. It needs nothing stored in it. Only love belongs in your heart. No matter how taut your heart may have become, attune it now. Fix those heart strings. Reconnect them. Remove what gets in the way.

You are at liberty to have the heart you want. I know what you want. A stuffed heart is not it. Your heart is not meant to be your teddy bear from childhood.

Your heart wants to be free and new every day. Nothing carried over. Fresh love only in your heart. Nothing stale. Nothing bitter. Nothing held back. Nothing forsworn. Your heart is not meant to be made of coals or ashes or anything unuseful.

How can your heart when old objects block it?

Come right up to Me now. Empty your heart of anything that rattles around there. Rethinking all the thoughts you rethink serves you not at all. You have held to stones from the , and you like to look at each one, turn it over, recall the memories. You must be aware that memories are of the , those you hold dear, and those that hold you in their thrall. Let memories be like puppies you pet as you move from one room to another. Pet your memories in passing. Don&;t stay with them. You don&;t have to carry them with you. And, if they follow you around, give them a little pat goodbye and tell them that you have other things to do than to keep taking stock of them. Whatever happened in the past, happened in the past. It is a chewed bone. It is time to get past chewed bones.

Make room for new adventures. Step to the front. Leave the past behind you. Get past the past. There is no good reason to cling to it. If the past holds you fast, and odds are that it does, if you keep reliving the past, most especially the tortured past, you are holding on to a dry branch. Unwrap the past from the present. In holding the past close to you, you evade the present and repeat the past. The yesteryears cannot come back. There is no place for them now. Even the beautiful past cannot be restored. Don’t wear out the shoe leather of your heart. Don’t sop your heart up with the past and so undermine the present. Avast, said the old captains of the . Avast. Go forward.

The sea you sailed yesterday is no longer here. The day you rowed past has gone. Row a new ship today on a new sea. Be new. No longer restore the past. The past is meant to be a passing thing. Let it pass. Let the that goes into remembering go into life. Do not reheat old . Make fresh from fresh ingredients. What would hold you to the past? What would make you stay there when there is a whole new field before you, inviting you to romp on it and to make a heyday of it?

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