God said:

If you ask Me what I am thinking, My answer is: “I am thinking of you.”

If you ask Me what I am doing, My answer is: “ I doing? I do nothing. I AM, and that means I . I am here. That is what I do. I sit still and, by My Being, everything is created.”

The inception of all creation is in this moment. There is no other moment. It is not easy to convey to the world mind the existence of right now only. And yet, there is no train to the past. There is no train to the future. There is no string of existence. There is existence. There is no line that can be traced. There are no lines. There is love. We can say there is a Union of Love, and so love is joined, and yet love was never unjoined.

Time is a passing fancy. Space is too.

Life is a children’s fairy book with magnificent illustrations. There are the good children, and, for the sake of the story, ogres crop up. There are the innocents, and there are the wicked witches. Playing the witch can be fun. When you play the role of the witch, you can really go to town. There is some fascination in playing the role of witch. It allows opportunities that playing the or do not, at first glance, seem to allow. The villain, so it seems, can play a wider range.

The prince and princess are fully developed. The variants of the betrayer are not readily fully developed. There is only so far that the prince or princess can go before you dismiss the prince or princess. To your minds, however, unlimited is the betrayer.

Regardless, it is an experiment anyway. None of this is real. The only real is the love in Our hearts. Even the villain loves playing the bad , or maybe not. Maybe the bad isn’t all bad . Maybe he has remorse.

A real prince or princess has to be good all the time, so it is said.

Now, please don’t think that it is boring to be the prince or princess in life. All the possibilities just aren’t clear to you in theory. In actuality, the opportunities are , just as you are .

You can be the princess disguised as a homeless person or a prince disguised as a cop, just as you can be a DEA agent disguised as a bad guy.

Just as the villain may portray himself as a good guy, the appearance of the prince and princess may belie them.

And then there is opinion. One who hurt your may be an angel to someone else.

Every single day of your life you have a of who you are going to be.

I suggest that you be prince or princess. Do not think that this makes you a sissy. It makes you a hero. You may not make the headlines, but a hero nevertheless.

Every day you are given choices. Even in the tiniest moments, you are given a choice. In every moment, you are given a choice. You have the choice to smile or to frown. You have the choice to leap forward or to stay in the past.

Every moment you have the choice to be how much of a prince or princess you are going to be. You have a choice to share or not to share. You have a choice to give your heart or to steel your heart. You have the choice to bless or not to bless. You have the choice to polish life or to dim it. You have infinite choices, beloved.

Wear not disguises. Know Who you are. All villains are in disguise. They are disguised from themselves.

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