God said:

Magnificent is the opportunity you have in the world. You wend yourself through the world. You are not sure what you will find or which way you will go. You are the finder of your path, and you are the fulfiller of it. You do this by putting one foot after the other. You have multitudinous opportunities to make something great from what you stumble upon. Even a pebble can be a find. Anything can be a find. You set the value on whatever you find. Pick up the pebble. Turn it into gold.

Do not pass by opportunities. Be opportune. By your presence, transmute everything into a golden opportunity. Decide what kind of opportunity you have been given. It is for you to decide that it is fortunate or tragic. I adjure you to find it fortunate. Transmute all your experience into gold.

Good fortune is always knocking at your door. Good fortune often comes disguised. It is for you to unmask good fortune and reveal it for what it is. You can turn even dross into gold.

You are given untold opportunities. You are given opportunity right and left. Perhaps you have been looking to avoid life rather than living it. You have to want more than to come out of life unscathed. That must not be your ambition. Let your ambition be something great.

It is not that you are to be a mender to the world, though, of course, you are to mend hearts. As you pass through the world, evoke a of Amen. As you pass through the world, let those you pass by say, “Amen. He has come.”

Find glory and represent it to all those who seek worthwhileness. Be an opportunist in the sense that you run with what is worthy. Find the worthiness. Make something good of whatever transpires. You can do it. You have to do it. It is yours to do. Invent something.

Apples fall from trees. Ideas fall from you. Be a creator of wonders to behold. From fallen apples, cider can be made. Something can be made from anything. What have you overlooked?

Peace be unto you. In peace, you will see what you may not have seen before. Configure what is before you. Desire it.

Be a treasure-hunter. Be an alchemist. Be My Beloved who walks the on My behalf. What will you find now?

What if you are not here on Earth for yourself? What if you are on Earth for the sake of others? What if you are on Earth for My sake? What might you do now? What might change? What might you change? What might be the first difference you would make? What street would you go down? What would you find? What would you like to find? Find it. Your vision will enable you to find what you seek.

Make a difference to the world you live in. All you have to do is to see from a greater perspective. Perhaps you have to get out of the hole you have been in, not for your sake but for the sake of others. Maybe you will dare to scale the heights so that others may also dare. Maybe you bet on yourself and you bet on others. Maybe you are a bookie who bets on love, gives tremendous odds on love and wins honestly. The odds are in your favor. Make the odds come true.

Odds are that you are in the world to do something wonderful, something liberating, something perhaps you have never done before.

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