God said:

Let Us have a picnic today. I have prepared it. I spread out a blanket called Earth, and I placed all manner of wonderful things on this blanket, and I have invited you to come. You do not have to bring anything to Our picnic except for yourself and your . With , you will taste everything, nibble on it, put some back, eat more of one thing than another, and just keep moving along the line of wonderful foods I have prepared for you.

If there are ants at our picnic, well, then, there are ants. We are at a picnic together. Let the ants be. They wanted to come too.

If one is all gone, there will be something more for you to taste. When you come around again, another tray of your favorite delicacy may be placed before you. Meanwhile, you keep tasting. Some foods surprise you with their deliciousness. Others may be so familiar to you that you overlook their tastiness. And some foods you hastily put down.

All the time, be aware that you are at a picnic I have set before you.

You come as My guest. You bring yourself. You may have prepared a delicacy for the picnic as well. It may be a hit. Nevertheless, the best thing you bring to Our picnic is yourself, your willing self, eager to taste and eager to enjoy every morsel.

Who would come to the picnic I offer and be disgruntled? Who would turn away from Our picnic? Who would say to Me, “Sorry, God, I don&;t like this food. I am going to go home and sulk.”

Who wouldn’t be good-natured and take the picnic as it is in this ? Everyone knows that life in the world changes in every . Think of the good foods that are waiting for you further up the line. Think of the blanket you are privileged to sit on. Think of the you can engender.

What if I made a picnic for you every day? That would be something to be grateful for. If it rained on today’s picnic, the sun will shine on tomorrow’s. And must rain spoil Our picnic? Think of it, you are at a picnic with Me on this many-textured blanket where We sit together and break bread. We are at a picnic together, and here We are. What can spoil Our picnic but an attitude?

Attitudes can change.

Be children at a picnic who enjoy it all regardless of rain and mud and ants. Alive, you would choose to enjoy. Vibrant, you enjoy the idea of picnic, and you enjoy the actuality. Rained on or not, you were invited to a picnic I prepared for you. I suppose you had to attend. At least, you find yourself here at the picnic, even when you don’t know how you got here. And yet you have . You have to attend with grace. Really and truly, you don’t have another .

Rather I should say you have tried other choices, and found them all wanting. Just showing up hasn’t worked well. Showing up unwillingly works not at all. Petulance can spoil a picnic more than rain and ants. Probably the best thing for you to do at a picnic is to help Me serve. Perhaps you will take the trays around and offer My provisions. Perhaps you can offer more than sustenance. Perhaps you can offer joy of living and joy of loving whatever and whomever is presented to you. No matter what you find in your life, perhaps you can give someone else a lovely interlude. Perhaps the picnic can be as it is and you have only to change your tune.

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