God said:

I speak to you only from the bottom of My . There is no other place for Me to speak from. I have One Voice. That is how it is. I have the Voice of Love. I am not a God of thunder and lightning. I am a God of Love.

I know you sometimes feel that I do terrible things, that I cause floods and havoc and death and all that.

Once upon a time there was a Norse God of Thunder. What a hullabaloo, yet all he was doing, was rearranging his furniture in the attic. That was all the noise and lightning. A simple God was clearing the way.

A God of Love loves, yet He is not always at liberty to suit you to a T. You have free will. I, Who have the freest Will in and on Earth, am not always at liberty to change the whole ballgame. It is not exactly that I go along with the past, yet I take care to protect the very foundation of the wobbly Earth you stand on. There are matters in motion that are better left in motion. To you, of course, death of the body is horrific. I do not see as you do. I understand how you see. I don&;t exactly fluff it off, nor can I follow your vision. If I followed your vision, you do not know what would happen to the world. You don&;t know what a jumble would be made of it. I encourage you to see from My vaster point of view, and then your eyes will widen, and everything will fall into place because you see better.

I am a God of Love.

I suppose you could say that, once upon a time, I laid down the law. It is love I laid down. My love is far-seeing. I would not remove a single brick of it.

Even in what you may see as the worst tragedy, there is another view or more from which to see it. A child loses his toy truck, and he cries his heart out. The truck is gone. The child cries his heart out. He will survive the of his truck. He does, doesn’t he?

Whatever occurs in the changeable world hastens you along. Whatever happens is a step up. You may not like it. Nevertheless, you have been boosted up. No one likes to flunk a test. Yet that very event may be a blessing. You have heard the expression: blessing in disguise. Everything you perceive as loss is a blessing. You do not yet see how.

The whole world was presented to you with love. Of course, it is all a blessing. And when you cannot see the blessedness, then know it is a blessing in disguise. If everything is a blessing, and the blessing part is unknown to you, then it must indeed be a blessing in disguise. You don’t know how or why. You don’t know how a deep loss can be a blessing. How can a broken heart be a blessing? Yet, even down the human road, you may begin to see.

Whole books have been written on how can there be tragic events involving good people. Events are not punishment. Let Me say that despite the impact events have on you, no matter how much they rend your heart, there is something more to be seen. The world speaks of tragedy. I don’t. Even in what you see as tragedy, tragedy is not. You do not see Me weeping. If there were loss as you see it, then I would be a God of weeping when I am a wholesome God of Love. It is better for Me to love. I ask you not to suffer. Suffering is an affliction you put on top of certain events. You don’t have to.

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