God said:

Are you to reflect the world, or is the world to reflect you?


Do your cupboards reveal the state of the world?

Orderliness is not by a long shot, yet orderliness is something. It could be a place to .

If you would like to surpass world order as it exists now, then begin by straightening out your own cupboards.

Your life is certainly more than the physical, yet there is nothing wrong in making the physical compatible with ease and simplicity. Where else would you begin? Start and finish today. If you open your cupboards, and things fall out, you are overdue.

If there are things in your path to trip over, move them now. Clear your way. Make your path smooth. There is more to this than metaphor.

Start with a clear slate.

Wash the windows of your mind.

Your home reflects you, and you reflect your home.

Ascend from any stuckness of the past. Remove obstacles on all levels. Start from where you are now.

No disturbance prevents Me whatsoever. But congestion does affect you. You clear your throat. You clear your lungs. Clear out physical accumulations on all levels. There isn’t a better time.

When there are obstacles, you have imposed them upon yourself. Your life models itself after you.

Invite friends. That may help you clean out corners.

If you want to be a , it will be in good stead for you to travel light. What do angels carry with them? They carry their light. They carry their love. Angels do not even need wings to fly. They fly with love and no extra baggage. No baggage at all.

Amass love, and that’s it. That is the only accumulation to have, and, yet, love is not accumulated. It moves on. It doesn’t stay still. It doesn’t grow stale. Love is not hoarded. It is given. Give way to love.

Do not litter your closets.

Which comes first? Clarity or a clear path? Clear your path, and then you will be clear. It is amazing how well you do even in disorder. But why have it? It is now time for you to let go of everything. When you are orderly, you can even let go of orderliness. It is only a backdrop.

This is not a lesson in housekeeping. This is a lesson in freeing your from riff-raff. Possessions can be riff-raff.

Your soul survives everything. Make your soul’s flight plans easy. Let your soul take off untrammeled. Clear skies from now on.

Have one bowl. One knife. One fork. One spoon. Fill the bowl with one . Eat an simply with your fingers. One is more delicious than three or four oranges.

Everything but love, not in moderation, but in minimalization. Minimal gives a great return. Remember Oneness in all things. Heave ho the past. The past is never. The present is always.

What possession is there in ? Only love. Peace. Happiness. Love and more love. Love multiplied into Oneness.

Sate yourself with Oneness. One heart, one mind. Love Oneness. Multiply Oneness, and it is still One. There is One Day, and it is Today. There is one You, and it is I. I am everywhere and nowhere at the same time. There is no sewing Me up.

Let yourself be unsewn.

Let yourself be a tower of love. Let yourself be love untrammeled, love held high, love above all. Love is enough. Love is the only plenty there is. Let love sustain itself. Let love sustain you. Love sustains the world, and you are part of the world, just as you are part of Me, or even the Wholeness of Me as We fly together and are never apart.

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