God said:

When you think about it, what is anything? What is the worth of a piece of with a money amount and your name on it? It is worth to you the number put on it, and yet it is only a piece of . Everything and anything is worth to you the price you set on it. This applies to checks, items, furniture, and people.

You’re pretty good at estimating the worth of items. When it comes to people, you often fall short. How many people have you dismissed for no at all. You tossed their merit aside for an assumed , perhaps for the looks of the coat they wore. In your estimation, you somehow devalued people that, if you had seen through whatever blocked you, you might have found inestimable.

Don’t dismiss anyone so that you are not dismissed, for when you dismiss someone, you dismiss yourself.

There is no one who is irrelevant. Everyone is relevant. If someone comes before you or is even seen out of the corner of your eye, he or she came before you. Everyone comes for a reason. You don’t have to know the reason. You just have to acknowledge their presence. They may be tarnished like good silver. You are meant to see beneath outer appearances. Your inner blindness is often someone else’s outer appearance. You are the determinant of someone’s presumed value or lack of.

Sometimes whole peoples are undervalued because of superficialities. Until you know a , or a nation, your under-evaluation is based on a supposition. Of course, you may attribute value to someone or a nation by the same premise. What do you value? Fame, fortune? Good looks, age, condition of skin? How many superficialities can you think of that decide the course of your life and what people you take into your and which people you do not.

Thankfully, you are not that way with dogs. You know that a scruffy dog may be a . You know that size isn’t the making or unmaking of a dog. A dog has no pretense. You give dogs a .

Sometimes in a fairy tale, it is said that the next person you see will be instrumental in your life. If you were told that and believed it, you would really look. You would really pay attention. All kinds of wonderful things could come from meeting someone. All you have to do is to keep your eyes and mind open.

I am saying to you that the next person you see may be instrumental in your life. He or she may be instrumental in opening your eyes, mind, and heart.

You have thrown away so many opportunities, and now I ask you to consider in equanimity all that comes before you. Give everything an even chance.

See what is. Do not see ahead of time or see later with regret.

Even if everyone before you is not delightful to you, you can still take delight.

Consider that all you meet have unexpected favors to give you. Suspect favors rather than anything else. Even someone who displeases you may be doing you a favor. Beloveds, you can even turn over a stone and find something of value. Unexpected delight is waiting for you. It is running after you.

It is better to go by present experience rather than past.

It is better to greet everyone as new. Give even someone you have seen every day for years a chance to be new. It is for you to see with new eyes. See the whole world with new eyes. See what happens.

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