God said:

do get fulfilled. Sometimes when you least expect it. There is a fine balance between desiring and demanding. Desire with all your heart, and then trust that your desire will be fulfilled. Let go of your desire enough so that it can be fulfilled. like to fly free.

The timing may not be in line with your desire. Desires are fulfilled when they are fulfilled. Sometimes the more impatient you are, the more the desire answers in its own sweet time. Desiring is not meant to be the same as ruling the roost.

You can boost your desires too much! You may have to be a little casual with your desires. After all, your life does not depend upon the fulfillment of your desires. It certainly seems so sometimes, yet that is just an idea you have, like to have. You may like it that it is urgent that your every desire is fulfilled, and fulfilled now. You like to be listened to. You like to be taken seriously.

What part of you wants to be taken seriously? Could it be that little bully ego? Ego doesn’t like to be tampered with or stalled. Ego wants instant agreement, by golly.

Cast out your desires in an easy way, the way you might cast a fishing line when the sun is shining and the day is long. Just let nature take its course. Better to be beholden to nature than to ego. Ego is such an impatient little cuss. Ego has the maturity of, let’s say, a two-year old. Some two-year olds are more mature than your ego, will you admit to that? Ego wants what it wants, and it wants it now. Ego will not be derailed. Don’t be ego’s patsy. Ego has nothing to lose, but you do.

It is well-known that ego is a big player. He’s one of the guys at the card game with all the money who takes yours. He smokes his cigar and blows smoke in your face. Ego takes your free will actually and makes you ego’s servant. You don’t have to be beholden to ego. Ego is like cigar smoke. Both cigar smoke and ego eventually go away. When you don’t answer ego’s knock, he will find more fertile fields to play in. Ego has his pride, after all.

About desires, how could anyone desire ego? But it must that many have desired ego, or there would not be so much of it around. Be tough about ego and not about your desires. Let it not be your desire that every wish of yours is granted at the moment you desire it. Let the granting of the desire come as it wills. Be a forgiving desirer.

No one likes to be made to do anything. You don’t. Have your desires, and know there is no need for you to supervise them. Be glad when a desire is fulfilled. That is good enough to make more desires come panting to your door. Make it easy for your desires to be fulfilled by letting go of them. Some things just cannot be rushed. Rushing is how eggs get dropped to the floor and don’t reach the frying pan.

Let your desires spin around in the Universe for a while. They will find their own direction. Actually, your desires already know their path. Have you been trying to tell them how, when, and where?

Let your desires be like kites. Like kites, your desires will be picked up by the breeze, and they will be returned to you in ways you may not have thought of. That’s okay, isn’t it?

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