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God said:

The person to forgive is yourself. No what you have done, it is done, and it is the past. Please forgive yourself your past. It is yourself that your is set against. It is yourself you are impatient with. It is yourself who has trespassed, and it is yourself that you must pardon.

The seeming streams of other people are pictures taken of you. This is hard to take, I know. The only enemy in the whole world is yourself. This is all illusion, of course, for you imagine enmity. You make it out of thin air. You oppose yourself. You fantasize disabling thoughts, and blame them on someone else.

The thing is that there is no someone else. You, as you know yourself, do not exist either. So what is this whole fuss about? You think it&;s about what someone else said, or what someone else did, or what someone else should have said or done in justice to you. You can only be all fraught with yourself. All the affronts to you, you perpetrated upon yourself. You framed someone else. You targeted someone else. You made a false picture of yourself and put someone else&;s name under it.

There is no such thing as someone else. Nor do you, as you see yourself, exist. Bodies seem to exist and receive lots of attention, yet bodies are not the heart of the matter. Your disavowal of is the heart of the matter. What is the matter is not what someone else has said or done. You are in disfavor of yourself. It is a great con game you’re involved in. You have conned yourself into believing that you are aggrieved.

I, God, am not aggrieved. I never am. I do not stay awake all night belaboring anyone’s ignorance or lack of tribute to Me. I know better. You, on the other hand, are disjointed and look outside the Kingdom within you for comfort or discomfort. Grace yourself instead.

There are no bad guys. You have created them all in your fertile imagination. A spark of your thought was lit somewhere in the Universe. You saw it like a fallen star. You have decided yourself as the one who is to remedy the world. Remedy your misperceptions, beloveds.

The thought of being true to your own self be true takes on new meaning. Rid yourself of false thought.

Consider, what if you have been mistaken? Consider, what if you have been misled? What if you have misled yourself? I repeat. There are no bad guys. The bad guys are your thoughts, and it is not the first time that thoughts have manifested themselves. Let go of negative thinking by forgiving yourself for your imagination. Forgive yourself for having created less than beauty in the world. You have scribbled on the world and drawn graffiti. You have been busy. If the world were a great artist’s rendition, you have scribbled in a moustache. In so doing, you have falsified the art, and you have falsified yourself.

Begin your reformation by forgiving yourself. There is nothing else to do. Stop holding things against yourself or against any other. Free the world from your sense of reparation.

No one owes you anything. You owe everyone everything. You owe everyone forgiveness of yourself. Let yourself out of the prison you have made for yourself. You made the bars that block your perception. You condemned yourself and others to a life of trial. Condemn no one. Certainly, no longer condemn Truth to obscurity. Say goodbye to falsehood. Pardon yourself. Give yourself a lifelong pardon. Begin love today.

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