God said:

You do know how fortunate you are in life. You are rich beyond measure. Every day a bouquet of flowers is delivered to you or a huge arrangement of fruit, linear words that surpass linear. Indeed, you are the richest of the rich.

It is not for you to compare yourself to others, yet you also know, in terms of these words you read, how well off you are. You are the fortunate. You are the fortunate of the fortunate. Your name is Fortune.

And those that the world may consider unfortunate, they too are fortunate. Your life has flourishes. Theirs may have none. You thrive. They survive. Their lives are bare-boned, and therein lay their lives’ beauty. While your questions are unlimited, their questions are few in number. Their focus is clear, while yours may not be. There is good fortune to find in everything. Even in what is called misfortune, there is good fortune to be discovered. You are a discoverer of good fortune. Good fortune is already yours. You have asked, you have sought, and now you find. Your purchase in life is good fortune.

Remind yourself how fortunate you are. Whatever your good fortune, it is yours. You have it. Capitalize on it. Capitalize on it in the that you are aware of it. Know good fortune is yours. It is your good fortune to wake up this . It is your good fortune that you have shoes to put on. It is your good fortune that you have some place to go, even if you don’t love to go there.

Fortunate are you to have someone to say goodbye to you. Fortunate are you to have . Fortunate are you to have legs that propel you. You are forward-moving, and that is also your good fortune.

Know how fortunate you are so that you may notice more good fortune along your way. You may see a gold coin at your feet this morning. When good fortune is yours, opportunity is yours. Pebbles of opportunity have been left for you. Spot them. Look up at the sky as well. Wherever you are looking, keep looking up. Smile at Me, and have a sense of My smiling at you. Who smiled first? Perhaps Our smiles were simultaneous. Perhaps there is not one without the other. Or, perhaps, always, your smile is simply a reflection of Mine.

Hasten to Me at the same time as you do not rush. There is no time to waste, and yet there is no rushing. Be assured of all your good fortune, and that includes knowing how close We are and how soon that you will consciously grasp Our Oneness and hold it in your hand for all Eternity. The time is rushing to you where you will irrevocably have awareness of Our Oneness. You will know that I hold you in My Hand and that you have never been anywhere else but where you have wanted to be. You have always been of . be thy name. be your . Heaven be your love.

My love is your love. The recipient of My love is also the giver of My love. Love that is ever-moving also is ever-still. So filled is the Universe with Love Eternal that there is really no place for love to move to, and yet love moves, ever onward, ever cheering itself in silence as it makes its journey to and fro, to and from your heart, for your heart is the Heart of Hearts. This is good fortune. Your heart in Mine, Mine in yours.

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