God said:

You are consciously aware of love as a major component of your life. You are aware of love as all that is. Everything is interpreted as love or lack thereof. Cars are for , yet they are also love. Money is for love. You seek a wealth of love. Books are for love. People are for love. You claim love. You declare love as yours to receive and to keep. You consider that you HAVE love, yet, of course, love is not something you have. You can’t put a leash on it. Love is, yet love is never owned. Nor is love, in fact, ever owed to you.

At times, and in many ways, you have become a for love. You put your hand out. “Who will give me some love today? Who will let me know that I am loved today? How much love will I take home? Give me of love because I am bereft without it. Give me love today. Love me today. Love me, and keep loving me. Never take your eyes off me. I am here to be loved and to be loved by you. I am a stowaway on a ship of love. Please love me. Love from you sustains me, and I cannot live without you and your love. I demand your love. Because you loved me once, or I thought you did, you are now obliged to love me. You are my medicine. I can’t live without you and your ample love.”

And so you disregard the person you say you love. Beloveds, you cannot sew up other hearts. Your own is full of brambles. Your love winds and unwinds, and you choke the one you say you love. You are a hoarder of love. A collector of love. You have a stranglehold on love. Set your love free. Set your loved ones free. Set your own free. Unleash your . Come on now. Give your to the .

You don’t even own your own love. You know that. Love is not a purchase, and your love must be given without a price. Love is not to cost. Love is not a deal. It is not a bargain. Love is not for sale. And there is no proof of love except for the love you give from your heart, love that you give left and right, love that issues from your heart in a stream, not in dribbles.

You think you need arrows of love from another to you. You think you must be given a full glass of love. The world can give you only sips of love. You can never get your fill of love from the world. And yet, you, you, this craver of love, this striver of love, can see your own love only as you pour it out to fill the Universe. You, also, cannot fill any one heart to the extent you and he or she would desire. It may seem so, yet love does not come in small sizes. As for you, give it all. Give it all away. Throw your love to the winds, and it will fill the world, and it will circle its way around back to you.

Only your love given will do. No other’s heart can fill your heart with all the love in the world. Only your own love.

It might be said that I am the only filler of love. True, yet it is I within you who fills your heart with love. And just as you have sought Me from far away, just as you have liked Me to be huge in the sky, the fact remains that I am huge in your heart. You also find Me and My love within you. Pull that love out from deep in your heart, and let the world know of Our love.

You, who have been an avid seeker of love, are, indeed, the fount of love. In terms of loving to the fullest in the world, you are the only of it. You have to think that way. No one owes you love. You owe yourself love. Once you love yourself, your love will be showered on the whole Universe, and you will, indeed, know what love is. You will know that love has no bounds, and you will truly know the wealth of love that resides in your heart in order to go out into the world to quench its thirst. You are the lover of the Universe, and you give your love.

You are not to be a beggar of love. You are to be the wealthy giver of love. Claim yourself as the love that the world seeks. Claim yourself as love and give love, for what else is yours to do?

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