God said:

The bottom of your is the same as Mine. The bottom of your and Mine are endless. There is no height of love that can be reached, and there is no bottom to love. Infinite is Our love. No two ways about it. There is no brim to love.

No how much love you bail from your heart, there is more. You may not have even started giving love yet. Your love may be stuck in your heart, yet love is yours to give endlessly. There is to be no stoppage to love, no limit, not even one.

In the world, it takes courage to love. Your offering of love could be kicked away. Nevertheless, still you are to love, and love again. Actually, you are to love once and keep the love going. What interruption to love is worth its name? Hurt is not worth love. It comes nowhere near. Pride is not worth it.

You are like the sun. Because someone on Earth might say to the sun: “You are too bright. Get out of my eyes. Get out of my sight,&; the sun is not chagrined. What interferes with the sun? What hurts the sun’s feelings? What hurts yours?

What a waste of time. To love or not to love is not the question to ask. It has been asked and answered. You are to love with all your heart. It is not even that you are to love despite this or that. You simply are to love. You are not a slave to love. You are a free emissary of love. The has given you love to burn, so to speak, yet love can only burn in the fire of love itself. There is to be no putting out love. Love is not the butt of a cigarette that you stamp out.

Your love, so to speak, your love, is an ongoing testament of My love. My love roams freely. My love encircles, touches base, everywhere at the same time. I am not a fool for love. I am a God of Love. Love is like a bird who must sing. Love is a morning bird, a day bird, an evening bird. A bird sings for all. Yes, a bird sings for you, and a bird sings for all. This is what it means to say that your love is as free as a bird.

Love is the eager puppy who is undaunted. He runs up to you and returns to you over and over again. A puppy’s love is focused on you, yet a puppy’s love is universal.

We are talking about your love, the love from your heart, in a universal way. The love We speak of is not battened down. It is love everywhere. Love is the strongest thing in the world. It withstands all kinds of weather. Love doesn’t even notice. It is not that love is blind. It is that love is free to be love no matter what the weather, no matter what the climate, no matter what the . Love is not a , or, if it were, you are always in the to love. Your love far outshines anything else. Love does not ask: “What are my objections to love?” Love does not size up a situation. Love loves through thick and thin.

Love is soaring the world. It is everywhere, yet not lodged in one place. Love is for all, or it is not love. Personal love has its place, yet love that is kept only for this one or that one, or love that comes out only on certain occasions, that love has been cut off at the corral. Universal love alights and alights and alights. Universal love is love lit up. Love is meant to be lit up. Love catches everyone and everything in its path, and your path is love. Take it.

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