Let our hearts to our friends in and pull together our resources and knowledge to protect what is dear to us in our changing environment.

To My Academy Friends,

I want to share with you a few initial thoughts and a little about my prior experience with treatment. As I will be highlighting up to date treatment guidelines at our upcoming May seminar, I did not want to wait so long to answer your many questions and requests for practitioner treatment guidelines. I am in contact with others respected in the field who are as committed to pull together our knowledge and resources to protect what is dear to us all.

In 1975 I was instrumental in organizing the movement that effectively stopped the from building a nuclear in Whyl just outside my city ( Freiburg). Since then no other nuclear was built or licensed in based on the same truth: the technology as not safe. At the time, I was a young folk singer, a medical doctor and the son of a well known judge which gave me access to many circles of influence opening doors to my involvement. When happened I was friends with a gifted German , Albert Scheller. In the years following the accident he organized the treatment of 600 children that were injured by radioactivity during or after the melt down. He asked me for help and I flew to Germany – and there they came…..I had reviewed the literature on radiation poisoning and also contacted some of my Japanese friends who shared the Hiroshima/Nagasaki experience with me and successful solutions that had emerged. All of the children had receive d appropriate doses of potassium iodide at home, but nothing else. Dr.Scheller treated the children with stem , I added the treatment with DMPS injections, high doses of chlorella, cilantro and humic/fulvic acid. Later many of the workers at the melting plant became my patients and we used zinc DTPA instead of DMPS in most cases.

The result: most of the treated children recovered, grew up and are alive today. In contrast, many of the children who went untreated died of the cruel cancers that followed: leukemia, lymphoma, immune system breakdowns looking similar to AIDS, bone and thyroid cancers and more. Statistics have not been kept by the government on this, but in general this is the known outcome.

What do I recommend today?
First of all, give the courageous Japanese people a dear place in your heart. This event hits in the core of an already traumatized place left behind from WWII. It is a re-traumatization, which explains why we observed a rescue effort that at first appeared almost in slow motion: people were paralyzed which is understandable.

Secondly, lets keep our cool. There is a lot of misinformation out about the dangers of minimal radiation exposure. Radiation exposure is cumulative. Short term exposures to small amounts of radiation are used in Medicine and other healing traditions for healing purposes with good results. So let us watch the news and see what unfolds. If a trickle of the radiation reaches the west coast for longer periods of time, we have to act and protect ourselves. My radiation detector is already measuring increased levels here in . I am watchful.

Thirdly, here is what I recommend based on my prior experience: ( radiation poisoning protocols with quantity and timing available in our new 2011 Protocol guidelines from the Klinghardt Academy)

Use TriQuench ( SSKI) This prevents the uptake of radioactive iodine.

Chlorella has been shown to bind and eliminate uranium and other potentially radioactive metals. Timing is important assures that the binding chlorella is in the correct portion of the small intestine when the bile squirts..Otherwise the metals are reabsorbed on the way down the small intestine.Chlorella contains a large amount of protective substances: sporopollenin, mucopolysaccarides, peptides, Vit E and carotenoids, Vit K, methyl B12 and others.

I also recommend using BioPure cilantro tincture ( it is grown in a certain way to assure it's toxin mobilizing capabilities)

In addition I recommend fulvic acid/humic acid supplement that has also been used by Hiroshima surviviors successfully ( BioPure Matrix Minerals).

In addition, everyone should take a larger amount of essential minerals for the same reasons we recommend the iodine: if the system is saturated with good minerals it wont take up the toxic ones. If our drinking water becomes toxic, I do recommend our water purification advice: get a good reverse osmosis system ( www.freeDrinkingWater.com), add BioPure Matrix Electrolyte,M-water and MicroMinerals.

If our supply becomes contaminated, things will become more difficult. One of my teachers, Hazel Parcels, used a cup of chlorox in a warm bath for 20 minutes to decontaminate nuclear workers successfully. Washing our vegetables in chlorox would do the same thing. To a lesser degree a bath in a pound of baking soda and a pound of sea salt will also work for both body and .

I am praying that it will not come to that!

I will be presenting more information and details of specific protocols at our May Seminar, "A Deep Look Beyond Lyme" and a literature list that will give some of the rationale for the recommended approach. I am in recent communication with others who like myself are deeply concerned and are coming together to share our combined scope of knowedge to provide the world options in a time of need.

Please contact the Academy if you would like more detailed protocol guidance from our 2011 Protocol resource manual that has been updated to include these radiation guidelines.

I hope by the time that this message reaches you the emissions from the power plant are under control and there is no need to prepare for disaster.
I wish you a joyful spring!!


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