As the for your awakening approaches be aware that many great changes in your attitudes and behaviors are occurring all over the world.  The deep state of sleep that most of humanity has been experiencing is beginning to lift, and as it does so the dreams and nightmares in which you have been basically passive participants are being superseded by ones in which you are becoming increasingly actively involved.  This is an important and essential prelude to your awakening, because during this period of time your awareness of your attitudes and beliefs, which until now were mostly ingrained habits causing you to react unthinkingly and emotionally – although it seemed to you that you were, on the whole, responding thoughtfully and intelligently – is demanding that you look at them, see them clearly, and then decide whether they serve the highest good of humanity.  You will find that many do not, which can be quite shocking for you, but you will also find that not only do you have the courage and the motivation to change but that, as all around you are going through the same self-questioning process, you have enormous to assist you in this difficult task.

The support that you are receiving is unprecedented in your human existence, and as you observe the ever-increasing occurring in so many areas across the world, for so many different reasons, you can understand how necessary that support is.  You are being shown very clearly that loving compassionate support for one another is the only way to alleviate your .  The of that is clearly visible as governments around the planet offer to the Japanese people in this moment of great need.  This international cooperation marks a major turning-point for humanity, because it demonstrates that you are becoming aware that you are all one, and that the suffering of just one truly affects all.  It is an awareness that has been growing and intensifying over the last few decades, and now there is no one among you who can fail to see the truth of this.

As this international cooperative effort to help and her people gets under way, the tremendous advantages of this compassionate and loving way of dealing with and assisting those who are suffering will become apparent to all, as political, cultural, religious, and philosophical differences are laid aside and the essential issues of , shelter, and healing for the destitute are properly addressed.  Cooperating together on this world scale will show that the differences you have laid aside while dealing with this crisis are not nearly as important as they once seemed, now that people holding many different perceptions about their neighbors and about humanity are working together very successfully.  This is a marvelous lesson in the power of love and cooperation.  Needless to say errors will occur, but as the enormity of the crisis to be dealt with becomes clearer, the intentions of all involved to offer maximum assistance will ensure that they are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible without wasting time apportioning blame and responsibility.  Humanity’s ability to work together for the good of all will amaze you all, and so will the love that motivates you at times like this.

You are the beloved children of God, and more and more of you are allowing yourselves to know this.  When you do you find that judgment falls away, forgiveness replaces it, and your ability to cooperate with and assist one another becomes boundless, further strengthening your awareness that you are all one, affecting each other in every moment.  The enormous outpouring of love for humanity in which each one of you is participating has only just begun, and the results, as you come to know them, will amaze and uplift you.

The turning-point has been reached; military budgets will reduce as military personnel begin to perceive themselves anew, as part of humanity, instead of as efficient and effective killing-machines, offering allegiance to and taking orders unquestioningly from a powerful and self-centered elite.  This new perspective will lead them to question everything they have been taught as military personnel.  Like humanity in general they are also finding that issues they have denied or refused to address are demanding their attention.  Every human is personally responsible for their beliefs and their actions.  They cannot foist that responsibility off on to others – bosses, superior officers, or the law – as those are humans like themselves, very capable of errors, as indeed are the laws made by fallible humans.

This is the start of the great awakening in which all are participating.  You are all embraced by God’s Love which gives you the strength, the integrity, and the motivation to look on all with compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness, and to act for the highest good of all.  Control, repression, and the forced submission of others to illicit, dictatorial authority is to cease as you recognize and honor one another as God’s beloved children.

With so very much love, Saul.