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Preface by Sterling D. Allan
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I received the following email from John Hutchison and Nancy Lazaryan.

Apparently they think that a network Ham Radio, CB radio and Tesla Coil operators could form a protective barrier, not just in the U.S., but worldwide, even in , from the that is spewing from the damaged reactors.

The email describes a method that is relatively simple.  This is far outside my area of expertise, but Hutchison does have a track record of being able to accomplish some very unusual effects via frequencies.  We have published his documentation about clearing regions of Gulf waters nearly back to a pristine state using radio and audio frequencies.

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From: Nancy Lazaryan

Sent: Friday, March 18, 2011 11:44 AM

Subject: SOLUTION to Japan Nuclear Radiation.—Ham –CB radio–Tesla Coils–CREATE A SHIELD for the Earth NOW!!!!!  

To all everyone with a Ham Radio, CB radio or Tesla Coil and if you don't have one of these, get a piece of REBAR and put it in your yard… this pass the email to everyone you know!!!!  

MEDIA PEOPLE:  Please post, announce, distribute.

John Hutchison has been in the using certain audio and radio frequencies to RESET the polluted waters. THE SAME SCIENCE can be used to try to PROTECT the Earth from the radiation being released in Japan.  

Hutchison is transmitting RIGHT NOW.

People need to pick up the signal and "bounce" it to attempt to create a SHIELD.  

Here are John Hutchison's instructions:  

HAM RADIO OPERATORS TUNE INTO  the ULF bands at 16 kilohertz VLF bands at 19 kilohertz to 400 kilohertz  and then into the HF bands at 4 megahertz starting at 2 mhz to 18 mhz then at up to 27 mhz  there will be lots of side carriers You should here something SIMILAR to this (this is not the exact audio, but close)

The RF effects are also in the X band region the regions of the solar flux index and hydrogen bands  these are 21 to 24 centimeters   broad banded  

CAPTURE THIS and use AM and USB and lower SB to RETRANSMIT and set up a RELAY  

The frequencies can also be received by RF MODULATED and TESLA COILS  

Tesla coils will do a lot on there own, plug them in and they will receive and transmit  

and if any folks have IMPULSE GENERATORS or RF GENERATORS feed the signal into them and fire them off.  

Ham Radio Operators use phase shifting and other devices to get the frequencies out.  

CB Radio Operators If you can pick up the signal from John Hutchison, rebroadcast it. Do a CB SKIP.   We are working with sky waves, ground waves and interactions with a larger prime mover like the ionosphere, solar and geomagnetic fields and propagation.  THIS IS SAFE!!!  

EVERYONE ELSE We used REBAR as antennas to capture the RF frequencies. This worked in cleaning the ground around the rebar. GET rebar and put in the ground.   Along with this use your mind for healing the earth and helping Japan. This is called psychotronics. All the above information and psychotronics are accepted sciences in the military industrial complex as well as noetic science teams.  

Please participate.

Please help save the Earth.  

John Hutchison and Nancy Lazaryan

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Question: Using rebar to capture RF frequencies? How long a piece and how much is driven into the ground? What diameter rebar could be used? How many rebars would one use? Would one use 4, one for each direction? 

Answer: March 19, 2011 2:32 PM MST
roughly 6 feet long
about a foot into the ground
1/4" to 1/2" diameter…or whatever is available
one is okay, 4 is better

 Source: PESN, Directory John Hutchison