16 March 2011

Petra Margolis


With so much happening seems to be scary and many are afraid of what might happen.

Fear is spreading fast throughout the earth and is bringing in yet another way to keep your minds busy in one way or the other.

We would like to explain some of what is happening and what YOU can do about it.

Lets take for example and the effort of the light workers to assist in the outcome of what is happening.

Balance is needed, not just balance within the earth but also balance within yourself.

Balance is when all energies are integrated and in balance within you.

All energies, good or bad need to be balanced. There is a difference however in what people think is balancing these energies within them. They will say they have accepted their so called dark side and are only working from the good, or light, or love side.

This is not balance; balance is when you can walk the line in between the good and the dark side. When you can walk this line your reaction is neutral, but can be directed both ways very easily, always returning to the neutral. Working on these disasters has to be done from a neutral point as not to have your personal attachments and feelings have an effect on the outcome.

Now many will say that you can only do well if you sent love and light, so let&;s have a good look at that.

How many of you started sending love and light when everything happened?

How many of you did it without ?

And I mean really without attachment to the outcome?

You go into a mode of something happens and we need to help, we need to make it less worse, am I right?

So you have an attachment.

The thought that you have to make it less worse or better for everyone.  Many things are happening on earth at this time and groups of people have taken it upon them to assist in a very personal way in balancing, or neutralizing the energies that are being released by the earth at this time.

When you are sending your with the attachment to make it all better, you prevent these groups from completely fulfilling their purpose, and sometimes this results in them not being able to completely balance what is needed.

The earth needs to clear, release the energies. Do not interfere.

If you want to do something to assist, do it on a personal level, just like these groups of people have taken it upon them to do it on a personal level to balance the energies the earth is releasing.

Do you think it worked as you all went into emergency mode and have sent the energies of love and light and look at the circumstances that are changing every day and at this point the power plants are not doing very well.

This is what is happening and let’s take a power plant for example. The core is hot and is being cooled with cold water. Hot and cold, two opposites needed to bring balance in the outcome.

Let give you some more examples, the human body, your breath in, you breathe out, two complete opposites but without them you would die. The same thing with the human heart, it expands to bring in the blood, then it contracts and all the blood is pressed out. It goes from being completely filled, to completely non-filled, two complete opposites but yet without that your heart would stop beating.

So when we say that you live in a world of opposites, you can see this everywhere even on a daily basis with day and night, light and dark.

The earth herself has a balance within her, light and dark, 50/50. You as humans have lived on her for a long time and a lot of your dark has been released in the earth over time, so right now the earth has more dark than light within her, of course a lot of that dark is not her and she is releasing it.

She doesn’t need more light, she has that all of her own.

The earth needs to release this dark, but this dark has to go somewhere, where does it go? Into to . But just as the earth, your has its own dark and light, its own balance. So when the dark out of the earth is released out of the earth into our , it needs to be balanced there.

What if you as humans could take that and neutralize it so it does not affect anything anymore?

Wouldn’t that be a great solution?

Guess what, you can.

It does require personal responsibility, and yes work.

It will affect your human life, yes and some things might seem to be negative effects.

But what if lets say for example 100,000 humans would have worked on this neutralizing, for all those humans the effect would be for example to have a flat tire. But by doing it they would have prevented the from being released into the air, or there would have been less aftershocks. Or a tsunami that would have only been a couple of feet instead of 20.

Wouldn’t that be worth it?

With everything that is happening and we are not just talking about Japan right now, your whole world is fighting for freedom. Many Middle Eastern countries are fighting for freedom.

This is also the result of the balancing that is needed for the earth. You can work on this in two ways, you can send your love and light, or you can assist personally in neutralizing the energies that are being stirred up. Energies that do need to be neutralized if you want a peaceful world that is in balance.

Many of you have heard of the seven seals, yes it’s in the bible, doesn’t mean it is not true. These seven seals are as real as you are. At this moment you are within the energy of the sixth seal and in previous lifetimes you have been in the first five of the seals.

Each time one of these seals opened a choice was available for mankind, to bring balance within themselves and the earth, or just move along the path they were already on, the path of losing the connection within and becoming completely disconnected from their own source.

Most humans have always chosen the disconnection and this can not always be blamed on an individual person as it is usually more of a group decision.

Now we are at the last seal and the paths chosen during the first six seals have an affect on the outcome of the opening of the seventh seal.

Within the energy of the sixth seal many have awakened, but not many have found their way to balance within and complete connection within source, within their own being.

Remember that balance means to be able to walk the line between both opposites and from there work on what is needed to bring balance around you.

As we would like to get ready to open the seventh seal, we need to neutralize what has happened during the first 6 seals, just see it this way, when the first seal opened there was a fork in the road, you can go right, straight or left, lets say you took the left road. When the second seal opened another fork appeared and again you take the left road, and so on.

This takes you only in one direction, the left side.

Now since you are already following that direction, the only choice that remains, no matter if you take the left, right or middle, your are on the left side of the middle.

If you had chosen the middle from the beginning and would have stayed there, there would be no need to neutralize since you are on the path toward balance.

Needless to say that if we look at what is happening on earth at this time, humanity did never really choose the middle.

So the solution at this time is to neutralize what happened, or bring balance into what happened in the past so we can open the seventh seal and all have a new choice again.

This can only be done when you are balanced within, walk the line between two opposites and be ready to take that personal responsibility of working with these energies on a personal level.

We will let our channel give you her story about what it meant for her and some of her students.

One last subject we would like to discuss as it seems to come up at times.

Some do not consider themselves, good or worthy enough to do this work.

This is something you have to resolve within you.

This work is taking care of the personal effect you have had during many lifetimes on your planet. By working on your personal effect you assist others that do not have the possibility at this time.

It is not about being good enough or worthy enough, it is about taking a chance no matter what the outcome may be, to be of assistance to the earth and humanity including you in a way that can bring in a change that is needed so much at this time. Balance within the energies in the earth, every being upon earth and your universe so you can move into a world without war, suffering, and a world of equality for every being.


March 15, 2011