Erin Mackley

by Erin Mackley
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     The above photo appears to say, “I am ready to receive.  My hands are open.”  But these are empty hands.  If those were your hands, what would you want to see in them?
     Make a list.  Find 5 things you would like to have “in your hands” right now.  Ask yourself, why do you want them?  Why aren’t they there already?  What’s stopping you?
     I’m not gonig to ask you to find out.  You may or may not think of the answer.  Even if you do, it may be completely irrelevant to you, because how don’t know how to start to change it.   And that’s okay.

     That’s because the real REASON you do not have what you wish to have in your life, the reason you may not feel fully fulfilled is because your SOUL is choosing not to have that.
     Yes, I repeat, your SOUL is choosing otherwise, no matter what you THINK it is you are wanting or choosing or creating – if you do not have it.  It’s true that thoughts are important, as they say, thoughts create your reality.  But your thoughts are only one part of it.  Your brain is only one part of who you are.
     The key to having a completely joyous and fulfilling life is to harmonize your mind with your soul.  For most people, there are a dozen TVs on in their head, a dozen different channels projecting loud noise.  Meanwhile, the soul is asking to be listened to, but who can hear it?  Just because you aren’t listening to it, doesn’t mean that the soul is not in operation in your life just as it always was.
     The different channels on in your head are beliefs: I am bad, I am afraid, something’s wrong, and many variations thereof.  From these beliefs sprout all sorts of interferences between you and your soul, including delusions, anger, martyrdom, etc.
     So the key to manifesting what you want is to FIRST turn off all of these TVs, playing all of these different channels, creating interference between you and your soul.
     Know that it is NATURAL for the soul to experience flow, to play.  Therefore when the interference is quieted down, what can your soul do?  Create flow, and play! And that means that how you feel deep down inside and how your life is playing out are now in sync.  THAT is what it means to live a fulfilling life, and THAT is how the power of ‘manifestation’ works.
     So start embracing your own power and trust that where you are right now, you deliberately created.  Then know that you have the power to work more directly with your soul.  As you first begin TRUSTING, you can begin listening to, and harmonizing with, your soul.   At this point, you will no longer be working against yourself.  You will have recognized your sovereignty as a soul and a powerful creator, and what you think and what actually happens will begin to sync up.  Another word for this is AUTHENTICITY.
     When you know who you are, when you are authentic, and driven and passionate, who or what could possibly stand in your way?  The Universe, which is an extension of who you are, will create that flow and that abundance that you have been striving to create.  This will create a huge flow of and movement, until you are clear and open and having the time of your life!