By Divine Decree, in the Name of The Divine Mother/Father God, under the Law of Grace, I ask the St. Germain, Lady Master Leonara, , Kuthumi, Mother Mary, Ascended , my Great I AM Presence to join me now as I invoke the of the to surround me  and to manifest from within my being.

 Divine Ascended Masters, align my entire being and soul to the highest vibration of love from the that is available at a planetary level.

Integrate within my being the energy of abundance in all its positive forms; allow me to exist as a beacon of love, light, abundance and peace on the Earth.

I accept my Ascended Master and ask you to guide me in expressing it within every aspect of my being and every expression of my energy.

I am eternally connected and aligned to the loving energy of the Creator and share it abundantly across the world.

So be it and so it is!

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