This is part of a book by Dr. Courtney Brown entitled Cosmic Voyage in which Dr Brown is remote viewing the Martians who were transported to during times of cataclysmic changes on their planet known as Mars. Modern Martians have no place to seek refuge other than . This civilization seems to be living beneath the ground in the area of , USA. They are not mixing with Earth people because they do not feel the human on Earth would receive them kindly.
They are a group of ETs, here on Earth now, who could use our assistance. Following are some of the remote viewing experiences of Dr. Brown regarding the Martians in the present time.

Martians/Present Survivors – Dr. Courtney Brown

On a blank piece of paper, I draw a rounded . The top of the is bald, but there are trees farther down. There is hitting the surface of the .
I am going through the matrix now. There are people. There is that mountain again, and the wind. Wow! I am picking up strong fear, also excitement and relief. It seems like there are lots of emotions here, with different people having different feelings. I am getting some kind of airborne vehicles, and lots of frenetic activity. The people are caught up in the activity, perhaps not of their own plan. These people do have a plan they are working on, although I still cannot tell if it is their own plan.

There are vehicles….There is a looping movement, very fast. It is coming down onto the mountain. It is spiraling, sort of. Like a leaf falling in the wind, or birds circling while descending in a gusty crosswind….. I am picking up an ET . Polished, metallic and warm.

I have this thing going right into the mountain! Right through the rock! What is this?

I am getting something from the minds of the beings. This is a supply run. No big deal. They are on a routine mission. The beings (in the ship) are humanlike … technicians. Everyone seems to have a uniform.

I am now inside some kind of cavern or hole inside the mountain. The ship has landed in the center of the place.

I am in the building now. There are many underground chambers below this building. The beings in the ship do not like to walk outside of the structure….. And I keep getting the sense of Martians. The remote viewing evidence suggests that the mountain is Santa Fe Baldy, New Mexico.

Into the underground chambers – The place is modern, but not supermodern. I see men here, no women. There are workers here. This is not a happy work environment. These people are here out of duty. I am going further down.

They live down here. Virtually a city. There are many caverns and tunnels. Machines are all over the place. It is more comfortable here than in the work caverns above, and these people could live here a long time. I detect a fear of leaving this place.

Why are they leaving?

There is no future for them here. This is a dead place.

Describe what the people look like.

Well, I see males now. They have humanoid faces, but no hair. They do not look exactly like normal humans. It is like they are a different race. They seem to have mental machines as well, like devices that interact with their consciousness in some way. Their minds control the devices. The beings themselves are light-skinned. They also seem rather weak relative to humans.

…I was beginning to realize that the ET situation was much more complex than I had previously thought. It was no longer a simple situation of ETs flying around Earth. There was real purpose behind their activities, and I knew that at least some of the Martians were in considerable difficulty, and may have been for quite some time.

We wondered how to help the Martians. They had long lived underground, hidden from the harsh conditions of their homeworld's environment and from human hostility on Earth.

… I am being told that humans will meet with the Martians near their home – the New Mexico caverns. The Martians have great fear. We (humans) must help to bring them out of the caverns.
These beings are telling me and that we have to be both assertive and passive in getting the Martians out. We need to be very clever. This is not a simple task. The Martians do not want to come out. They fear the aggression of humans. Apparently, we are not so civilized from the Martian perspective. Yet we need to talk to them, negotiate…. The Martians will need formal talks.

…We need to proceed one step at a time. I am being explicitly told that we will not be hurt by the Martians. We are to go to them, not to expect them to come to us.

How are we to proceed?

We are to begin by training more people. It seems like training is a big thing. Remote viewing is a part of it, but there is more. (Information about learning to work with telepathically capable subspace beings, as a way to promote human evolutionary potential.) It is one thing to get the Martians to want to deal with humans. It is quite another thing to get the humans to want to interact with Martians, and both my trainer and I feared that the latter problem was going to be the more difficult one to solve. We sensed that we needed help with the human side of the equation. Yet we both felt deeply on an intuitive level that neither one of us would have gotten this far if there was not some hope of a solution. In a sense, we felt that there was someone else watching what we did, and that somehow the resources would be made available to us when the time was right. For now, we could only proceed, and to move forward at this time simply meant to collect more data and proceed to write a book on the subject.

Courtney Brown, Ph.D.