27 February 2011

Presents Our Knowingness


The 911 & Beyond
February 21st, 2011

Welcome, this is Fred speaking.

We are very, very excited to have all of you join us this evening in the Temple of 911. The group is growing and it is very exciting. Thank you, Christine, for starting this group. It is a very exciting time, and I think you will be very pleased with the message this evening.


Greetings, my friends. I come to you in this moment with great pleasure and acceptance of being the spokesperson for this evening for the Hierarchy and to share with you with the elements you have been diligently working with and bringing forth upon this Earthplane. It is my utmost pleasure to stand amongst all of you, not as a , a leader, a guide, but a comrade of the Light and to bring forth this Light onto this Earthplane. You are truly the warriors of the Light; you are truly the Ones that are doing all of the work. All we are doing is assisting in the process. I am Master Kuthumi at your service.

I speak for many; it is not just the of my own Being as I come through in this moment. I come through to reach out to every one of you my hand, if you have not already received this hand, of Love and Wisdom, but also in the camaraderie and leadership qualities that you bring forth. Possibly you may not be aware of these qualities. The most important aspect of sharing these qualities is the element of your integrity and the truth within you to show it everywhere you walk and bring forth that acceptance with your own Soul’s pathway to reach it out to others. This is exactly what is occurring for each of you at this time.

We are upon another activation, but this one is embracing. It is an activation that one says, “I don’t want to receive it,” or, “I am not sure what is going to happen to me as I am receiving it” but just allowing yourself to receive it. It is your gift to yourself. In the allowance of saying “I AM fully activating the essence of my balance and allowing my rebirth, of my Soul’s essence of the Divinity that I AM to fully be activated in this I am inhabiting; and this that I am inhabiting is the essence upon my Divinity which is growing in each moment.” As this grows, it continues in the process of knowing within you what the actualization is about. So tonight we actually want to take you into an elevation and the elevation is for you to fully receive the Divinity That You Are and to allow it to be fully activated within your Physical being. There is no sense to display concern; there is no reason to say to yourself, “But I don’t understand.” So this evening we are going to remove all feelings of lack. We are going to remove all thoughts of unforgiveness; we are going to remove the actualization of the conditioning that has occurred within your physical for you not to remember ~ because tonight is a night of Remembrance. Tonight is the night for you to actualize what it is that you are here for. You are here to assist in the planetary changes, to remove the karmic rebirth process, to fully have Divinity within your Soul’s essence, to actualize the highest frequency of your Soul’s essence within the Physical . With that activation we bring to you a remembrance. And some may say, “How am I going to remember if I have forgotten.” That is very interesting but you haven’t forgotten; you just think you have forgotten. The Veil of Forgetfulness has been removed and allow it to be more fully removed than it ever has previously. It is an ability to fully activate the continuance of your life. Not Earth’s life, not the human life, but your Soul’s existence within the physical creation that you call “Yourself” whomever you are in this life, in this Earth, in this activation, in this moment. It does not matter in this moment the lineage of your family origin. What we want to concentrate on is the lineage of your Soul’s origin. That is what is going to help you in the remembrance that you are- not what you think you remember.

Let’s all take a deep breath and within that deep breath we will fully go into allowing any releasements of the thought process that may stop you. We ask for the Male essence to be fully in freedom. Allow the essence of your male’s energy to have no say of the thoughts that are coming through, and we ask that the Female essence fully relate and allow her sensuality to blend with the sexuality of the Male as they come together in unison and take a sigh of relief. Do that now:


Allow that AHHHH sound to go down into your from your Throat into your Thymus to your and then your Solar . Allow all those areas to be fully released of any preconceived notions of what you thought you are supposed to experience. Right now, it is what you are experiencing. As we bring those elements together one more time.

AHHHHH, allow it to go down your Solar Plexus AHHHHHH, AHHHHH, feel a vibration within all those areas to help you to fully embrace what is about to occur. As all the areas of your Throat, Thymus, Heart, and Solar Plexus all blend together which now creates a circumference of energies to be actualized within you to accept the Divinity that you are. Allow yourself to fully open your arms out wide. If you physically cannot do so, then imagine yourself doing so and as you are, your arms are totally open with your palms upward. Your feet outstretched in front of you as the legs and feet are fully incapacitated but the essence of your Soul is the faculty that is going to bring forth the change that is necessary. As you do that , breathe another sigh of relief. Feel the energies coming down into your Crown, moving into the Third Eye, and then into the Throat and the circumference of the structure; then moving beyond the Solar Plexus, then the Sacral and the Root and down the limbs. As spiraling energies come out of your feet and out of your hands as the vibratory rate increases within the chakras, and in each of the palms and souls of your feet are being activated to the frequency of your Soul’s essence. Feel that occurring for you now.

What we want to bring forth for you in this moment is the consciousness that your soul resides in. This is not the consciousness of your physical body but the consciousness that you developed in your Soul’s essence to tap into. If you think of the God Force being 49 dimensions, I want each of you to take a deep breath and determine which dimensional frequency you are tapping into in this moment from 1 through 49. Now breathe that into your body. This is the Light Quotient that your Soul resides in the Innerplane level. Allow yourself to feel it within your Heart, within your Thymus, within your Solar Plexus and within your Throat, the circumference of those energies are going to assist you. The Solar Plexus is your power, the Heart is the centeredness of your Male and Female energies, the Thymus is your vibratory communication, and the Throat is your communication of whom you are. If we blend those together in the vibratory rate that you are on a Soul Level on this moment, [you cannot hold onto it very long because it is probably at a very high dimensional frequency], just feel it. When you meditate this is what you receive on the higher planes. When you activate it in your sleep state, this is what you are receiving. The fluctuations that you have been receiving in the ascension process are just a small sampling of your soul’s essence. If we now bring in that Soul’s Essence within our body, allow the Physical to blend with the Etheric as the Soul’s essence is now going to come in colors of Blues, Golds, Yellows, Greens, Violets, Silvers, Platinums, hues of Yellows and Lavenders, Lime, Seafoam Green, minerals of all frequencies, sparkles of light all circling within those areas and going to the palm and the souls of your feet.

Breathe deeply and allow this to be integrated within you. Just take another sigh of relief AHHHH, AHHHHH. As you do this, you feel the embracement of your Soul’s essence, of your Higher Self, fully incorporated within you. Allow he/ she to assist you in the process. He/she has a message for you in this moment. I just want you to breathe into that and take that sigh of relief as you are now in full surrender mode. There is nothing else to do but to surrender to your Higher Self. And what does your Higher Self have to say to you. Let’s take a moment of silence and allow this to come through to you.


Now embrace these thoughts. Let them go into your Solar Plexus of your Will and Power. Don’t keep them in your mind; keep them in your Heart with your Solar Plexus, Thymus, and your Throat. Feel that essence and that beauty that is you.

As we look around the Temple, we see everyone receiving this essence more fully than they ever have previously. We have many souls on many different levels in attendance, but what we are doing in this moment, we are bringing forth the element of our rebirth of everyone’s souls within their Beingness whether they are in a discarnate stage or incarnate stage as all of you are listening in this moment. Each of you are leaders in your own rite, and this is why I have been chosen for this evening. I am here to extend my hand to you and your truth and knowledge along with my truth and knowledge of Love and Wisdom of the 2nd Ray as I allow myself to work with yourself to extend to you what is necessary for this planet. This is because there are many that are going to be needing your assistance. You may not think that you are a leader but you are in some form; and allow that frequency to be fully within your body in this moment, a knowingness. There is a deep knowingness.

Right now I am going to ask for an activation and attunement to occur within each of you and your Higher Selves in your sleep state, meditative state, or an awakened state to have a remembrance in the next week that will allow you to know what I am saying is a true fact within each of you. Practice this, this element of bringing forth your Soul’s essence. You will see the results within your life and it will change greatly.

Let’s all take a deep breath. As we take this deep breath together, let’s all reach out to others with our energies in this moment. Let’s think of Gaia and about her lands, the people upon he lands, the areas of the countries, cities, towns, and municipalities. Let’s think about the mountains, streams, and the deserts and the rivers, ponds, lakes, the plains. Let’s think about all the people inhabiting the areas 500 miles around your environmental conditions. Let’s wish upon every living being to receive the essence of their soul in their sleep state. Let us command that each living being upon the Earth at this moment receives this and has a moment of remembrance that will change their lives. Allow us to be the way-showers.

Allow us to reach out to others and say, “Yes, you can do it. I have done it. Let me tell you my story. You tell me yours and I bet we can help each other.” Feel that now permeating around all of these areas as each of us connects to the environmental conditions so we can change the areas and have the consciousness that is desirable to all inhabitants upon this Earth; within the Earth, within the animals, the plants, birds, fish, so that all sentinent beings of this Earth will fully flourish with the highest essence within them. Allow this Rebirth to be everyone’s rebirth; not just those of us that are in remembrance. Allow it to be in every living being upon this planet. Take a deep breath and know that you have been brought forth in these moments to be a way-shower ~ to teach others the way and it may not be your voice, or your words. It may be just by Being. Each of you knows what is your gift. Your soul is telling you this in this moment. Allow that now to be fully down into your feet and the souls of your feet into your Earth Star so that you fully ground this remembrance. Allow it to be infiltrated within you as the rebirth is going to occur upon this planet.

I am honored to be here amongst so many of the way-showers and amongst so many of the leaders of this world and this Earth. The ones that are listening, the ones that are sharing, the ones that are going to be listening to this recording now or in the future, I reach out my hand to you as we walk together upon this Earth to make the necessary changes for the Golden Era.

I Am Master Kuthumi at your service.

I thank you and I bless you for allowing me to be here in this moment. I am greatly honored beyond my wildest dreams. I love each of you very dearly.

So Mote It Be in the Name of the Christ, We are One.

This is Fred speaking, thank you Master Kuthumi. There are no words for me to share, only Love. And I send my love to each of you in this moment.

As the spokesperson of the Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond, I am honored to be here. Namaste

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