26 February 2011  Channeler:  DL Zeta

Within every we are making decisions that will either carry us further along fifth-dimensional timelines or pull us into timelines mired in old ways of thinking and being.

Mechanisms exist all around us that can hook us back into old timelines of suffering and struggle. If we are awake to them, these mechanisms can help us become stronger and more skilled at aligning with the timelines we choose. If we are "asleep at the wheel," these mechanisms yank us back into old realities where low-vibrational experiences are the norm.

Mechanisms of Mass Thought and Systems

Mechanisms are fields created by mass thought. It is easy to become misled by these mechanisms. Every day in one way or another, we feed our life force into them. Some mechanisms are rather harmless while others are more destructive. Relatively benign mechanisms might be getting hooked into buying trendy clothing or becoming obsessed about reading all the novels of a certain writer.

Destructive mechanisms might be joining a vigilante group that is against minority groups, gambling obsessively or becoming addicted to drugs.

Mechanisms hook people in through their . If we believe we are impoverished, this can hook us into timelines where we experience poverty. If we believe we are unhealthy, they can hook us into timelines where we experience disease. If we believe we are victims, mechanisms hook us into timelines where we are victimized in various ways.

and Mechanisms of Mass Thought

Many lightworkers have learned to see through the more obvious of these mechanisms. They know that our experiences flow according to where we place our energy and focus and they recognize quickly when their thoughts land them into undesired territory. A quick course correction can steer one back to timelines of .

One key is being aware of where we place our focus within every moment.

Consider the realities viewed on television and the nightly news, and those situations discussed with colleagues and friends as a matter of course. Violence, murder, war, terrorism, poverty, natural disasters and homelessness are among these scenarios. There's nothing wrong with sending love and compassion to all those experiencing struggle and suffering. There's nothing wrong with taking action to help make the world a better place. But compassion is not the same as investing an inordinate amount of your focus and energy on negative situations others are experiencing.

Being For or Against Something Feeds it your Energy

You can’t change a timeline; you can only energize a new timeline that flows along higher- vibrational frequencies. Investing a great deal of your focus into any lower-vibrational situation energizes it and feeds it energy – and ultimately energizes it to your field of experience. An example is a person protesting war. This person, because they are against something, is feeding the mechanism of war just the same as those who are in favor of war. In this situation, energizing timelines of peace and understanding help diffuse the energy of war.

Viewed through this lens, it becomes easier to see how energy is just energy. It takes its shape from the focus of our thoughts and emotions. When we allow ourselves to be unconsciously hooked into mechanisms of mass thought we feed our life force into spinning out replicas of old third-dimensional timelines.

If you have allowed yourself to be hooked into an that is not of your choosing, you can withdraw your focus and attention and place it elsewhere. As we gain awareness, we can extinguish our lifeline to these mechanisms by shifting our focus.

Shifting Focus to Fifth-Dimensional Realities

Shifting to fifth-dimensional timelines is where creation comes in. Begin by choosing those areas you wish to energize into your life. These might include a healthy diet, positive and supportive relationships, uplifting books and movies, a new fitness regimen, or reorganizing your home to uplift your energy. You can create a of new realities you want to build into your life. Whenever you see yourself feeding old realities with your energy and attention, shift your focus to this of realities you wish to expand into your experience.

Once you begin to energize a new positive reality into your life, further actions will appear to you. As you take the actions downloaded to your consciousness, you anchor new and uplifting experiences into your physical reality.

Creating a List of Preferred Realities

Begin now by making a list of thoughts, images, ideas and perspectives that to you represent the new time on Earth when you're deeply rooted in fifth-dimensional timelines. When old mechanisms show up to try and hook you into old, third-dimensional realities, refuse to feed them your energy. Instead, shift your attention and focus to fifth-dimensional realities you choose to energize. The new time on planet Earth exists within the hearts and minds of many now who are incubating fifth-dimensional energy fields within their own consciousness.

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