the pathway is already in place…

all you need do is choose to walk it

in your shoes of allowance….





IT IS NOW…..   with great joy that once again

i come forth…we come forth as one…


if you would but allow me to share with you

this day the meaning of what we refer to

as  ~the gap ~


the purpose for these divine pathways is to

allow you to become aware

that you are constantly creating your experience…


these pathways are a ""which lead to the

experience of yourself as that which you are….

and you are but Love…


there is a gap between where I AM

and where you think you are…

these pathways then are here to you

"heal" the gap…


that "space" that you create for love to enter

each and every time you prepare a space for

it … is the space where the Divine Mind

within you can enter…


to prepare a space is to allow all arisings

and to admit that you do not know what anything is for…


if you have been doing the practice of sitting in

the river of love and claiming your innocence

as you place that pebble of truth into your river

see that pebble as a ray of  light…

that light literally "lights" up all unlike itself..

and that dear ones

is what many of you have been experiencing…


the blockages within your river of love

that veil the presence of love..that literally

the of love as your very experience….


it is all for a divine purpose…


for many of you it is quite a discovery to sit in the middle

of your river of love

and sing of the innocence you are

and then to have "arisings" that would

bring to you questions……..ponderings……

you may say…Jeshua….this feels like the opposite

of what the goal appears to be..

as i claim my innocence there is much appearing

in my "world" that feels unlike this truth…


ahhhhhhhhhhh….these are  ~ ~dear ones

that have come from your belief that you are the opposite

of that which you are…they are "effects" of past beliefs

that you were separate and apart from

the Creative Source of your being…


it is for you to know and claim your

innocence……….to look at all of your creations

with wonder………….with amazement …  at the mystery

that brings them forth…to look with amazement

at the belief within you that has birthed this experience…


if you would but bring these arisings within and say

to the voice of love within you

"father……..i do not know what anything is for..

teach me anew….


~this is a very powerful statement~


that very statement creates a "space" for the

gift of grace to descend within you..

that space can now be filled with the answers you ~truly~  seek…


yet the first step must always be to let go

of what you think something is for

and allow love to teach you anew…


precious hearts….you are dissolving the unreal

and bringing forth the real…

as you do this…………as you allow more light to enter

and fill your being

all that is unlike that very light "is up for review"…


in truth…….these arisings are simply asking

for your love…for only love heals all things…


this process is twofold………the first purpose is to

help you to realize that you do create with each

and every thought you think…


the second purpose is to a dialogue

between us……it is for you to bring your questions

and your ponderings within

and allow the voice of love to be the only

voice you listen to…


to become one with this voice

is the goal you seek….


the gap then is that "part of the mind"

that the ego has been reigning over…

every thought that arises within you

that you are less than what you truly are

is that gap…


yet where i am is only

a "thought away"…


it is the width of a thought

that you would insist on thinking…


that thought is "i am separate

from my I AM presence"…


i am not that which I Am…


i can be guilty..i can be less than…

and all of the rest…


if you would but allow the voice of love

within you to be heard….to be nurtured…


if you would but prepare your inner garden

by going into the silence

and discovering all the places of fear within you

by shining ~your light~ upon them….


thus allowing love to be restored

within you…!!!


this process softens the soil of your garden

and allows the gift of grace

to enter and be received…


this is what you are here for….this is your purpose…

to discover everything unlike love you have believed

to be true about yourself and to allow

those effects to be dissolved back into the heart of love

so that all that is left is your shining "DIVINE SELF"…


in truth…that is all that has ever been …

this pathway then is to rediscover this truth

and then to simply

"be who you are"…


and you are but love..

what then is it to be love???


that ….my precious precious friends



it is the grandest service one can give

to the world…….to time as a process

to discover more and more what the

truth of "love" is…


what it truly is to    ~love as god loves~….




what does that look like…what does that feel like…

oh yes…you get glimpses of it…fleeting…whimsical moments..

your voice of love is waiting within you

to bring you the ~remembrance~

of the ~purity of the love of god~

then……….to extend that radiance

thru you as you remove all of the blockages

within you that "stop its flow"….!!!!


does that make sense to you…??

truly take that within…love longs to flow thru you



to be in the "gap" is the exact opposite of where

you truly desire to be…

to be the free flowing river of love allows

that which god is

to extend thru you and reflect

the radiance of that which It Is…


you are eternally expanding that which




within each choice within time that you

choose to let go of that which you are not

and descend more of that which you are

into your very self

you are the Christ…you are in that moment

the ~savior of the world~ for as you heal yourself

you heal the "whole"….


allow that truth to in deeply and choose

this day what your purpose while time seems to last

will be for YOU….


with that ….we bid you adieu….

allow peace to fill your being each morning

and know that you are deeply…deeply loved…



~the voice of love ~