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channeled by Talyaa

Saturday, 19 March, 2011  (posted 20 March, 2011)

Full Moon Equinox, March 2011

By now you have delved deeply into awareness of the rapid changes taking place around the globe. Have you fallen into fear? That is not hard to do, with the proliferation of news and chilling images. Are you feeling ill at ease, sad, or in despair over the devastation in , or the plight of the nuclear plant workers who chose to stay behind? Strong feelings at this time are not uncommon, and in fact it is the rare being at this time that does NOT feel strong emotion. You need not know what it is that you are feeling, simply that you ARE feeling. This is what makes you human. Cherish this part of yourself.

This week, I too felt profound sadness and sought to share my expression of deep love for the planet and all the beings who share this beautiful home. Never have I felt more human; never have I felt more connected to a sense of gratitude for all the gifts we share around the world. Like many of you, I have sought to find meaning in the events of this time, and I am grateful that Gaia shared this message with me, that I now pass on to you.

Be not afraid. Yes, there is great . Yes, there is wounding. Yes, there is further great ahead. But all this is part of a greater whole; do you see this? There is a larger destiny that you share, and an even larger destiny that your Mother, your Pachamama, your dear Gaia, is Herself only a part of. You are safe. You are protected. You are loved.

This is not to say that changes will not affect a great number of lives, irrevocably. This is also not to say that there will not be death, sadness, fear and pain. Those are part of physical plane experience. But on the whole, if you could zoom out into space and regard from a great distance and with the scope of all existing time, you see that these events are only a small part of experience. They weave into the fabric created in each moment, of love and triumph and . These events can be thought of as growing pains, necessary steps in the continuing evolution of the planet, part of the growing history of existence, and a teardrop of the Divine.

Just as I, Gaia, protect and defend you with warm nurturing arms, you too are charged with my care. We are intertwined, you and I. Your light shines upon me and gives me hope, just as my deep truth gives you courage. We ride this wave, walk this path, together. Your pain is mine, and mine yours. Breathe with me, then. If you are still you can feel my breath, my rhythm. Let this become a part of your day today, breathing with the Great Mother. Let your every step become a testament to your love of this Earth, of this planet, of your home. Let your every heartbeat become a reminder of your connection to Gaia, of your connection to one another. We breathe the same air. Our hearts beat in rhythm. The drumming deep inside me sounds in your heart, and through that beat we become one.

Let the events of this week and beyond become your reminder that your heartbeat sings in the souls of everyone around you, and that it is time for your to rise up in harmony with the songs of every being on the planet. It is time to sing together, to weave the golden fabric of your continuing story – your destiny – into the heartbeat of your Mother Gaia.

I thank Gaia for the song that we can sing together. Today I will look for signs of this great love we all share as I walk among trees, the budding flowers of spring, and gaze upon the full moon at this Equinox, this time of great turning and becoming who we are, living our story. I feel blessed by your connection and by the presence of your song, your heartbeat, that resides within me.

Today as I walk I invite the presence of Gaia up through the soles of my feet, feeling the drumbeat of change resounding within my heart. I invite you to do the same.

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