This one is a bit late… But still relevant.


10 March 2011 Channeler:  Beth Trutwin

Greetings. This is Lord Metatron.
I would like to welcome you to this broadcast the First Day of the Unity Wave. It is a wonderful time of vast changes. found us on Soltec’s Mothership, the Phoenix. We were joined by Lord , Mother Sekhmet, Father Alcyone, and the of the , Lord Salvington. Others of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds were there as well. We met at Galactic Center, 26 degrees Sagittarius. The purpose for this meeting was a joining together of energies to launch the Wave.

We Creator Gods moved energies to reset the Earth to 5D. A Universal Underworld, in reference to the Mayan Calendar Tradition, which originated with the Kumaras, handed down from the Mayahans in India to the Mayan Clan in South America, is any Dimensional World existing below the 100th Dimension. This was when the Mayans migrated Southwest during a past wartime. We are riding the wave of s Dimensional Shift which causes all that is not in Unity Consciousness to shift its physicality from one Dimension to Another. This means all creatures, all cellular life, all incarnate Souls will either chose to embrace Unity Consciousness and project their physicality onto 5D Earth, or they will project their physicality on to another apparently identical Earth in a lower Dimension. When we anchor in the Force Fields on Earth to raise it to the Higher Dimension, it will change in an instant. One minute it will be in 3D and the next it will be at Zero Point, in No Time. This Force Field is initiated by Ashtar from the Bridge of the .
Today we were on the Phoenix with Commander Soltec in charge of all Communications as well as The Gate Keeper for Galactic Center, Lord Salvington. We today initiated the Beams of pulsing out from the Mothership Phoenix that will shift the Timeline of 3D Earth so it can move away from 5D Earth. Event Timelines on 3D Earth will continue with all non-criminals who have chosen to continue with lessons in duality. Those who have chosen Unity Consciousness will seamlessly continue on 5th Dimensional Earth. The Cosmic Energies will have an effect on your physical body. It also has an effect on Earth and all Celestial Bodies in this Galaxy. This is a tuning, raising the Etheric Octave where you vibrate and that is what controls where your form, Physical and Etheric projects. Those of lower vibration have no choice but to stay on 3D Earth and those who have acclimated to a Higher Vibration will evolve to the new Universal Underworld of Unity Consciousness 5th Dimensional Earth.
The Mayan Calendar is a Codex. It is the Universal Divine Blueprint for all life. Form in the matter universe is created with light and sound, when combined, is the Force. It is this Cosmic Energy which animates all life. The Unity Consciousness Wave which was initiated today, from the Phoenix MotherShip by the Galactic Federation pulses out a new energy of nines. The pulses count measures as a metronome keeps a pattern. We are shifting away from the age when we count pulses 13 x 20. As of today the cosmic pulses come in patterns of 9 x 9. Completion. It is the basis of all life on 5th Dimensional Earth. It is this of 9 x 9 where living Beings exist in the 5th Dimension. It has changed the entire atmosphere of the Galaxy. The Galactic and Planetary StarGates will be reprogrammed to the new energetic codes. Nothing that is vibrating slower than 5th Dimension will be able to traverse the Cosmic Codes of the Milky Way Galaxy.
The same process will happen again when Earth evolves to the 12th Dimension. To describe the new Cosmic Energy commenced this day, imagine a water wheel on a river. Each time a paddle turns on the wheel and dives under the water, it pulses waves of energy seen on the surface of the water. The waves pulse out in unending fractals. These fractals contain the frequency patterns of light and sound from the 100th Dimension and descend into 5th Dimensional Earth pulling Gaia/Vywamus Higher into the Dimensions. Only now this becomes possible. The Mayan Calendar was a coded message left behind by the Original Kumaras who came to Earth aons ago to show the path back at the end of the Grand Experiment. It has always been known the way back. The Plan has always been in place since the last Destruction of the final War Period of Earth. It was agreed by those who Created it how it would end, under what circumstances. There is a science to it and it functions in the base of Love.
Those Creators got together today, this marked day in time on this Timeline which is ending now. Together they combined their Energy to Pulse out the Divine Orgasmic Love from the 100th Dimension in unending fractals pulsing down in a rhythm that Creates 5th Dimensional Earth. This Energy was channelled through the bodies of incarnate Souls on Earth living in the Matrix, millions, who were planted there for just this Event. They carried the Energy into the Center Core of Earth, the Energy from the 100th Dimension. You have been feeling this. This Energy will greatly support the cries for Freedom being heard in all corners of this World. Many of you are experiencing mixed emotions, physical dullness, technical and mechanical failures as well as delays. There is no turning back now. You will see the effects of these continuous and never ending Cosmic Pulses until one moment we enter No Time at Zero Point. To borrow an old expression from Earth, The Time is Now.
Sisters and Brothers of light, Salut! You are loved beyond measure and you are never alone. This is Metatron.~through,,,,
The Q & A Portion will be posted 3.10.11 Thank you. Much Love! beth