The Russian and anti-gravity device, the "Magnetic Converter" (MEC), was claimed to produce magnetic anomalies, lower the temperature of its surroundings, self-sustain without input, and even produce anti-gravity effects. Its partial replication will be announced at the Space, Propulsion & Sciences International Forum (SPESIF) on March 15-17, 2011 at the University of , College Park.

by Hank Mills 
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Here is a photo of the Russian "MEC" that is claimed to self sustain while powering a 7 kilowatt load.

There are many claims of devices that produce energy or thrust without a conventional source. However, it is not very common to come across a device that claims to produce both. The "Magnetic Energy Converter" designed by V. V. Roshchin and S. M. Godin is such a device. It is claimed to produce energy without input, self-sustain, and produce anti-gravitational effects when a load is applied. In addition, it is claimed to produce a temperature drop in its surroundings and produce magnetic anomalies up to 15 meters away. 

You can read all the details about this device in the following paper.  Also, here is the patent for their device. 

A device that is supposed to be a replication of the "MEC" is going to be announced at the Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences International Forum (SPESIF) on March 15-17, 2011 at the University of Maryland, College Park. It is called the, "Morningstar Energy Box" and has been developed by Paul Murad, Morgan Boardman and John Brandenburg from Morningstar Applied Physics, Inc. (Vienna, VA). You can read a press release about it here.

This device is claimed to replicate at least some aspects of the "MEC." For example, they have detected a drop of temperature in its surroundings, magnetic anomalies, and a reduction in the weight of the device. However, they claim, "unfortunately self-accelerated motion has yet to be obtained." The "MEC" was claimed to self sustain and be able to power a 7 kilowatt load while losing 35% of its weight.

Here is an abstract about the Morningstar Energy Box.


The Morningstar Energy Box 
Paul A. Murad and Morgan J. Boardman 
Morningstar Applied Physics Inc., LLC 
Vienna, VA 22182 
703- 759-2028; 
John Brandenburg and Jonathan McCabe 
Orbital Technologies Corporation 
Madison, 53717 

Abstract. The Morningstar Energy Box is a derivative of a Searl device modified in a similar fashion used by the Russian Scientists Godin and Roschin. These devices use laminated rollers and a main ring made of different materials used to enhance electrical and magnetic properties. Where the Searl device uses rollers to move around a main ring, the Russian device kinematically constrains these rollers within a mechanical cage. The operational theory for the Energy Box uses rotating electromagnetic fields to create gravitational effects and is different from those theories outlined by either Searl or the Russians. A prototype device is currently under test and unfortunately self-accelerated motion has yet to be obtained. The Russians have made several serious claims that their device produced self-acceleration to generate , created a relatively large weight loss, generated discrete walls of magnetism far from the device and that a temperature drop exists when the device loses weight. To date, no one has validated these outrageous claims. However, we have found similar phenomenon regarding temperature loss and the discrete magnetic walls to occur during tests of the Energy Box and have correlated the temperature drop that the Godin & Roschin device produces as being a consequence of the Unruh effect. Where they claimed to lose as much as 35% of the weight of a 375 kg armature, the Energy Box only loses as much as 2% of its 490 pounds at this stage of the test cycle. Additional tests and modifications are underway to hopefully increase the weight loss. 

So what does this all mean? 

It means that at least a partial replication of an amazing "" and "anti-gravity" device has been achieved. This is a big step forward towards a complete replication of the "MEC." If a complete replication of the "MEC" is achieved it could allow for a source of clean and cheap energy for the world. In addition, it could allow our species to master gravitation and travel in space much more quickly and affordably than we do now. ['s note: …at least when it comes to technologies available to the common person. Obviously anti-gravity has been mastered by some black-op forces who are flying around the planet, in addition to the extraterrestrial presence, from which they may have reverse engineered some of their technology.]

Here is a brochure about the "MEC" and it's potential.

The following is an excerpt from the brochure.


The MEC – What Can It Do?

The MEC Electric Generator, when commercialized, will revolutionize the electrical energy sector by providing a low cost, reliable generator for traditional fixed as well as portable, remote or off-the-grid applications. The technology appears to be scalable: power a house or power a city. During the fossil fuel transition period to full MEC power generation, individual MECs may be connected to an energy controller to produce and sell back excess electrical energy to the electrical grid, immediately reducing the amount of fossil fuels required for other users. Bear in mind, the MEC creates no pollution.

Want to learn more? 

This prototype will be discussed at the Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences International Forum on March 15-17, 2011 taking place at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

For information about the forum go to any of the following sites:

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