Incredible, from what I understand, these are the findings of Nassim Haramein in this video:

1. Most of the telescopes and probes that are observing the Sun are owned by the Vatican

2. Intelligently controlled objects as big as the  were flying around the sun

3. NASA retracted the video showing the objects after questions from people what those objects were and repost the video. But now the objects HAVE TAILS (so they were transformed into 'comets')

4. Volcano's are maybe earth's blackhole's. Sunspots are blackhole's too. The biggest blackholes are at 19.47 lattitude of a planetary body.

5. Feb 2003: A comet twice the size of should had slammed into the sun, but is redirected by a Solar flare (if it had not, it would had been catastrophic to the Earth and the whole Solar system). We were not being told about it's approach probably because they thought we were finished anyway.

6. Mercury, Earth and Venus were NOT being pulled by the mass of the comet and resume their orbit. The reason is unknown. According to the law of physics, we should had major catastrophies at that time. But apparently, the law of Grace ruled. Nassim Haramein believes someone was protecting us and gave us a second (my comment: maybe it was not a second , but a 1000th ).

7. Every 11 year the Sun flips it's magnetic poles. The South and North pole locations. While switching, the sunspots increase. It goes to normal again if the is completed. Sun spots always have huge emissions. Contrary to the expectations, from 1998 on there is an increase in sunspots and it is still increasing. The last Solar magnetic pole switch was in 2001. The next will be in 2012.

8. The Sun is now pulsating. On every pulse (every few hours) there is a huge jump in and in the production of negative ions.

9. "Global Warming" is actually caused by the Sun

10. Aurora Borealis is caused by ions produced by the sun. Because the Sun is very active, Aurora Borealis is now even seen at the equator. In the North pole, Aurora Borealis can be seen for months.

11. There is a hot spot almost the size of the earth in Jupiter. It is expected that from this spot that is growing bigger, whole Jupiter will be ignited and become a second Sun in the (near) future.

12. Jupiter's is 90% more than what it receives from the Sun. So it has an internal energy source, which Nassim Haramein believes is a black hole.

The most important conclusion we can draw from this video: Be grateful for every moment we live now. It was and still is a precious gift, even before the possible extinction event.



Nasa footage of the sun doing some strange things , to see the whole 8 hour long speach , search for Nassim Haramein field equations and grand unifaction theory.
or visit his website: