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Tuesday, 1 March, 2011  (posted 8 March, 2011)


I mentioned during the teleseminar in January that I thought the Sun was in a different place. I see the sunrise from the window in my bathroom and it just seemed different. As I was driving my daughter to school she commented, "What's the Sun doing over there?"

Evidently, we were right! Though it was the that moved, not the Sun. 

Our solar system, planet and, of course our bodies are receiving a series of energetic flows from the . There is a huge storm brewing on usually placid Saturn.

And it appears that we have had a pole shift recently. In a small town in the Sun rose two days early.

And you probably know about the earthquakes and strange bird and fish deaths.

If you would like to learn more you can find the U-Tube version of the Coast to Coast Radio Show where interviews David Sereda about the pole shift and more.

You might be feeling this shaking in your body also. As my daughter said, "I think I might be anxious, but I'm not. It's like my organs are quivering." It might not be "something you ate" that's making you go.  

2011 is a Four Year, good year to work with the Four Elements: Earth, Air, Water and . I have found that connecting with Earth Element Energy helps to settle this feeling. Also, making sure I get enough minerals. Calcium/magnesium especially.

I checked in with the planet and asked her if there was anything we could do to support her transition. The answer was to appreciate her beauty. Whether you are held in awe by a vibrant sunset or just take a moment to notice that a weed has a tiny, yet flower, stop and appreciate how our world is!  

Kelly Weadick sent me some gorgeous photos to share with you.  

Image of Frog on Flower

Image of butterfly


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