Our Rewire, Astro Travel and by Lynette Leckie Clark
12 March 2011


I Kuthumi enter your field once more with a feeling of hope and joy for your future. You are aware that old energies – and those ones attached to these – are being moved on. It is a case of either change or move away. Those who would dictate, cheat or lie, in present or past actions, are no longer being tolerated. You who hold such Light should congratulate yourselves. It is the power of so much Light emitting from you all which is exposing all levels of dark behavior. Perhaps now you can see what I have been speaking of and preparing you for, for some time now.


I spoke previously of imagining, playing make believe. There was a great purpose in this exercise on many levels. First it awakened your inner child, this was important after so held in a lower vibration. So your was lifted, therefore more readily open to your soul. Secondly it re-ignited your faith, trust and hope. These energies have been buried within mankind for too long. This was the preparation. But most importantly it began an acceptance through your higher vibrations of a ‘re-wiring’. Yes, your brain is being re-wired through the nervous cells or neurons of your brain. As you open to the Light – the highest octave of Divine Energy – you feel different do you not? You feel free somehow. You are able to create, to manifest that which you desire.

Astro Travel

As you go within the higher realms you automatically cross into new dimensions of . You are able to travel to other places, other towns, other countries, even the Universe itself. Through your soul you always just know that you are quite safe. You know this is not your imagination when you return to your physical body and awareness. Your senses showed you reality on another level of existence. It seemed such a long way back and as you linked back into your physical body you noticed it felt quite heavy. You noticed a subtle energy shift. That is when you truly understand just how far you had (astro) traveled.

Group Consciousness

All are now linking freely with your higher selves, your soul. Your soul connects freely to the group consciousness of your town, your country, the group consciousness of the planet. You see all thoughts, all spoken words and also intentions float in an energetic form in the ethers of your planet. Therefore similar thoughts, words, intentions and your soul group members are linking together. This is happening more quickly now due to the new energies in your atmosphere. I will give an example to you. At times you have an idea brought through to you from your higher self awareness. You begin to question it, to ponder, to doubt yourself and eventually do nothing. Or you hear it, acknowledge it and still do nothing. Then out of no-where you hear of some one else who had the same idea and is acting on it. You feel the energetic connection – nothing to do with gender. I speak of a higher link up, one of soul links. You see the idea was in the ethers. You chose to do nothing. Another soul chose to act, to bring the idea into the physical energies, to give the same idea physical birth.

Many of you are linking up with your soul family members now. You are feeling through the heart centre. It is indeed a wonderful year for this. This is the great network of spirit – I call it the Spiritual Web. It extends not only around all of your bodies, but your town, your country, the planet and on out into the Universe and the Universes beyond. Think of this as a great telepathic phone line. This links all Light workers together, in an instant. There is no time here or on the Spiritual Web you see. This is the Light workers network. It is available to all who awaken to the Light energy through their soul.

Link In

As you raise your vibration you begin to work and communicate with higher levels of wisdom and ancient truths. The Light energy and higher learning activates new pathways in your brain through the neurons. You feel calmer and begin to dislike stress and all harsh energies. This is energy transference at work. When you are under stress chemicals are released in your brain which ‘shrink’ your brain cells. This restricts the higher energy flows. You don’t feel good. I will give you another example. Let us say that you are required to complete a task in a certain time frame. Suddenly you realize your time is running out and you are no where near completion of your task. You feel panic rising within you. You begin to make mistakes, and your brain enters a stage of stress. Everything you try begins to go wrong. You are now out of the flow. The energies around you are jaggered and your mental, emotional and physical bodies are suffering and unable to function clearly. Your stress takes you down to a harsher lower level of energy. You have all experienced this example I know.

It is time to stop. Time to become still, to understand it will not work and allow yourself to let go. The energies now are shifting, sifting out the past, and are very strong. It is time to link back into the Light, to quieten, to still your emotions.

The brain is very capable of expanding, of changing old beliefs, old patterns of behavior. It does require stimulation and mental focus to achieve this. I tell you this is a great part of creating your future, a new future, what you call a new Earth.

Truth Realized

The truth is now being realized on Earth. As I said, all un-truths and all forms of deceit will no longer be tolerated. The Light of the Infinite Spirit will expose them to be seen by all. They must be seen so change can begin.

You are now entering the Age of Aquarius which began in October of 2010. This year, 2011, will bring changes for many of you and also changes for the planet. The old is falling away, giving birth to the new cycles. Some of you wondered last year how the predicted changes could take place. How some of mankind would change. Now the re-wire is upon you. Now you have a glimpse of what is to be for mankind in the future.

Are you ready? Have you prepared yourself. For this must happen first before you are ready and able to assist another, to share wisdom on the Light workers Spiritual Web. Prepare yourself first.

Peace and Light to each of you.
Master Kuthumi

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