I just read some of your articles, and thought I would share.

As a child my family worked with healing groups, and when someone was injured, sick or dying the individual was placed on the healing list. It never failed anyone on the list was healed. When I asked about the healing, I was told you must always ask the individual if they want to be healed, and explain to them that thoughts and prayers have power. It was explained to me in no uncertain term that you had to get the individuals permission before you place them on the healing list.

As I grew older, and went about living my , I drifted away from some of my base beliefs, simply cluttered in the busy . A few years ago I read an article on Egyptian healing. I understood that one hand's finger tips were equipped with an eye on each finger . I also understood that the other hands fingers were to be used as surgical tools to repair any damage that the eyes found. The basic idea is to relax, on the hands entering the body. First envision the eye hand the body looking close as it travels to the effected area. Once in the zone, the eyes look a the damage, seeing every aspect. Next the tool hand enters the body and starts to effect repairs one object at a time. All through this you bathe the area in a soothing healing light.

I once did this for a head ache and I don't think I have ever had another head ache. However my story goes further. One day I was told that a dear friends grandmother had suffered a stroke and was about to die. My friend was so distraught, explained how the grandmother wanted to live and was struck down too early.

That evening I decided to try this healing as a remote process and try and save the grandmother. She was hundreds of miles away, I settled into a meditative state. Envisioned that I had found her, I she was , and breathing hard. I decided to help, I went through the eye and tool healing repairs. After doing what I could I pulled out and started to come out of the meditative state. 

All of a sudden I had this grandmother hollering at me saying , It is my time, you can not do this!!! She was upset to say the least…… I really felt I had invaded some ones personal in a most interment way! I expressed why I did what I did, and she simply said STOP! Let me go, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO THIS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! 

The next morning I was told the grandmother awoke, and was able to talk with people in her room for days. Then she died a week later. I do not know for sure as I can not in the real world of science that I did this, but in my soul I know we must first ask if anyone wants to be helped.

After all, who am I to deny life? 

Source: http://seri-worldwide.org/id465.html