21 March 2011 Ankash

Greetings, dear Ones, .
..or should I say…Namasteee!…
I Am Adamus, from sovereign domain…or perhaps… for others, I Am „just&; St. Germain. The humble, devoted and sometimes annoying… companion, in service to you. It doesn’t . The name is just a name. The I Am is the essence, the All That I Am. And so… here we are. Meeting Again in these precious moments. I am with you, right beside you, watching. What will you choose? What will you choose? Are you ready, now, to choose? To make a clear, conscious step towards your divinity, your ? Or will you not? What holds you back, shaumbra, what holds you back? . There is that holds you back. It’s just you, sitting on the peak of the mountain and watching the horizon. Should you jump and fly, or hold the rock, rocking yourself? Keep rocking…if you want. Or…rock- and –roll! My friend said he liked this one ( the joke). Yes, you are never alone…

We are looking at you now, ready to let you go, all by yourself. You are learning to fly, and soon we will let you test your skills, by yourself, releasing you. Letting you make the first steps, all alone. Letting you make your own mistakes. So what? You are now ready to see it by yourself, if there was a mistake at all, or …perhaps not. Perhaps not…For until you still need our guidance, our feedback…you are not flying yet. You just think you do, but you actually don’t. You are just like the little babies crying for mummy. And you know, and I know, that mummy wants you to learn to walk by yourself, as she loves you so much…And yes, she loves you so much that she might take the risk …or the chance to let you have a few scratches here and there, some wounds at times. But she trusts you completely that one day you will be able to take care of yourself. And you will. So, what if you are starting to trust yourself so deeply, so completely, as your mom does? Now…this was a story, a little one. But I’m sure you understand. You already felt that, isn’t it? You felt that this time will come. You asked for it!

”Mom, I am ready now, I AM …ready now, please, let me try, I know you are there, I know you see me, but I must take this on my own, now. The time is ready for me!”

Aren’t these your words, shaumbra?

Aren’t these the words of any awakened being on Earth, now?
It doesn’t matter who you think you are, or where do you think you came from…your are just a little baby learning, and learning, and learning, and…shall I continue with that? Or should You continue?…

So, dear ones, would you take YOUR OWN, first foot steps, or would you just wait to get the kick in your but first? You look like you need a kick in the but, now. In the buts…your own „buts”, your doubts. Your fears. You did that before, remember? You did that every life of yours….learning how to walk. You repeated that one life after another, just to let yourself remember what you came here for. And you seem to repeat the same , you forgot…as soon as you discovered „the wonders of the world”…like Alice. But even she finally remembered that she must go back home. She got tired of the whole , she got tired of the whole story. And then she realized it was just a dream. Her dream. So what is it that you are still waiting for? Aren’t you tired of your own , yet? You still like to ? I know that even this wonderful 2012 transition is an exciting game. You like it. I know, I remember how You battled for the entrance ticket to this show. But when you came here, you forgot it was still a . And you took it so seriously…and this is not like you. You are so brave and still so funny… at times, when we look at you we laugh. In honor, of course, but we laugh. You are the Masters of „making things more complicated than they are”. So here we come again, to remind you to keep all things simple.
Just raise and walk. It’s just as simple. You are ready. All the things are settled. All the things are in place. It is your turn now. Now, in this very moment , as we speak.

This Equinox is your rebirthing time. Your body of consciousness is in place. You just have to figure out – all by yourself – what kind of movements is it able to make. What kind of is it using…what kind of it suits for you. What kind of breath would it take. And from where…where or what do you connect and reconnect yourself to. What dimensions would you choose to explore, in your multiverse. What potentials would you pick in the now. Just play! You forgot to play, while playing! Isn’t it strange, hilarious? You play, but you forgot to play…Scratch your head and ask yourself…what playing means, after all? What play would you play in this play of yours? What is the role that you picked for yourself? Come on, you are the regizor! You are the script-maker! And you are the ! And all the others are playing your play, your script, validating your pick…See how simple that is?

So, just be who you really are. There is nothing wrong with playing, if you so choose. Only be aware that you are playing. And you can switch your role when you feel so. When you feel that it is time for you to change the scene. I am – we are – only reminding you that you can do that. Kuthumi told you, a few years ago, that „what’s missing”…is you. You! Now you have you. You have ascended, you accomplished yourself. You let go . You still let go. For this is an unending process. But you have you now and you can do a lot more with the new energy. So, keep on let going and …let doing come into your now moment. Your body of consciousness is ready now, ready to go on the run. This is „The Great Launching”. Cut the bow and immerge into your own celebration. We are keen to applaude you, to invite you to join us at the Big Feast. Yes!… here it is one, and another one, and another one!

…Would You join us?
Blessed be, in honor to you

I Am Adamus

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