16 March 2011 Channeler:  Lena Stevens

Dear Friends,

The Full is Saturday, March 19 at 12:10 PM (noon) . This is a super moon with strong energies and very close to the earth. If you can possibly be around a power spot during this moon it would be a benefit. However, you can take advantage of the amazing energies wherever you are. Being so close to the equinox, this full moon signifies change and opportunity. Pay attention to any opportunity that has landed your way. If it has come easily perhaps you are prepared to act on it especially if it feels right. This is the time for a bid for power. Know that the planet is different. Our footing has shifted and quite literally. Symbolized by the reactor issue, we are being challenged to manage our own power, overcome our fears and step into a new paradigm. There will always be loss connected with change. Always look to the opportunity rather than what is no longer available. Trust the larger picture and greater design of evolution and know that spirit does not make mistakes.

The is Sunday, March 20 at 5:21 PM Mountain Daylight Time. Do something to honor the fire element this month. Burn something old that represents not only what you wish to give over from the past few months or weeks, but something from your childhood or from your youth that represents very powerfully an identity of yours that is past. This would also be a great time to identify something you are still attached to and either symbolically or actually burn it. Fire is purifying and signifies complete change and transformation. Fire is also the masculine counterpart to the feminine power of water. Both of these elements are strong this year and should be honored as representing the masculine and the feminine within ourselves. Use them, honor them, and thank them.



Written by Patricia A. Liles. PATLILES@aol.com
Full Moon opposite Pisces Sun 28º Saturday, March 19 12:10 PM MDT
Vernal Equinox, Sunday, March 20, 5:21 PM MDT Sun enters Aries, 1º, First day of Spring

Look to this Full Moon and Spring Equinox as an opportunity to experience a portal of intense power, strength and beauty. Much learning, shift and rebirthing can take place in this time frame. The Full Moon preceding the Equinox by less than a day is preparatory and supports intensified emotional involvement and awareness. Because the Moon is full at 28º late in the sign, we will begin to feel the build up of when the Moon shifts into Virgo Thursday afternoon at 2:53 PM MDT. You will feel the intensity viscerally and your awareness of a much larger perspective will come with greater clarity. Added weight is given to this second of six SuperMoons of the year. Added weight in that this SuperMoon is the closest the Moon will be to the Earth (perigee) of all six. °Not until November 2016 will the Moon be this close to Earth. The additional magnetic pull on the Earth affects the globe's waters with extreme tides along the coasts. We too are made primarily of water and experience the concentration and pulling on our psyches.

Towards what are we being pulled? The Full Moon chart points this out clearly. The Sun at 28º Pisces is opposing this exceptional Moon at 28º Virgo, and this Sun/Moon axis squares the North and South Node axis forming a mutable Grand Cross. The North Node represents our point of spiritual growth and learning, where we are drawn to evolve. In this chart the North Node is exactly aligned with the at 27º Sagittarius. The portal points us in the direction of opening emotionally, through our hearts, to an energetic alignment with that pulsing, conscious center of our galaxy availing ourselves to the energies that are evolving our planet at break-neck speed.

If we are aware of this opportunity and make a sacred space and allow time to clearly receive its download, we can be gifted with a general re-set of our entire – something we need frequently at this time!

With Mars representing our masculine side and asteroid Juno, Goddess of partnership and marriage, representing our feminine side in perfect opposition, we see the mirror of the Sun and the Moon's opposition. Our vitality, purpose and individual expression represented by the Sun opposing the receptive, emotional intuitive aspects of the Moon are being called forth for review and update as they square the Galactic Center. We have created a centuries-long learning experience for ourselves to experience at all levels the consequences of the masculine poles dominating the feminine aspects of consciousness. I don't have to list out the ills of our planet and cultures here. Our primary goals now are the healing and releasing of this world drama. As quickly as we are able – with great compassion for ourselves and for those who have played both the roles of victims and perpetrators ~ we have done both ~ we must disenthrall ourselves from the media, conflicts and negativity that this authoritative, hierarchical consciousness has created and reunite our psyches. Many do this work diligently; many of our youth were born outside of it and see the world and live their lives through their united hearts. What we have to gain in a world balanced in the masculine and feminine is a shift in our entire relationship to nature. We can reawaken our relation to the invisible world where infinite support and consciousness lies. The world where indigenous people of our planet have maintained an unbroken communication with animal, plant and elemental spirit helpers. These allies await our waking from our collective dream. They only need to be acknowledged and asked for support and assistance with respect and love. We have no idea of the power and love at our fingertips, and this Full Moon/Equinox portal is the perfect set up to experience it first hand.

The Vernal or Spring Equinox at the first degree of the zodiac, 0º Aries, is one of the four most powerful points of the year along with the Solstices. This chart governs the whole next season until the Summer Solstice. It's a power packed month with Uranus having made a major sign change into Aries after 8 years in Pisces along with the shifting of the Mayan Calendar into the 9th Underworld increasing the intensity by 20 fold. The pressure is on and our planet is reacting accordingly. We are all feeling the effects of the events taking place in Japan. We are all connected to this event, as we are to New Zealand, Egypt, and every other corner of the planet. Every person that awakens affects the web of life, as does every event. Japan's quake has shifted us all. Many are complaining of being tired and wanting more sleep. We are processing and creating at deep levels that we cannot even name.

Spring and the Equinox is the time of rebirth and beginning anew. Let the Sun at 0º conjunct Uranus in Aries along with Jupiter and Mercury support you in starting something new, whether a new habit, or relationship or project or exploring something you've always wanted to do. Aries is the youthful energy that thrusts outward with great enthusiasm and courage into the unknown.

And we still have Mercury going retrograde to look forward to on Wednesday, March 30. So energies may feel a downshift and operate on internal time for about three weeks until April 23 when it resumes a visible forward motion again.

Considered big, or more like huge in the astrological world is Neptune moving into its own sign, Pisces on April 4th. Now it takes Neptune 168 years to move around the zodiac and it will spend 14 years in Pisces. We can expect all manner of new awareness of our oceans and ocean creatures and all that is submerged and lies beneath the surface. The major influences of Neptune in its own sign will be felt behind the scenes or under the surface not in the more accepted, external defined arenas. Neptune dissolves and merges with the other; it yearns to express through artistic and spiritual channels and is the most psychic and in touch with the invisible worlds. Idealistic Neptune is considered the higher expression of Venus, where Venus rules personal love and Neptune rules compassionate, universal love.

04-03 8:33 AM MDT 13º Aries
Mars conjuncts Uranus at 1º Aries
04-04 Neptune enters Pisces
04-09 Pluto retrograde until 09-16
04-17 Full Moon 8:44 PM MDT 27º Libra
04-20 Sun enters Taurus 4:17 AM MDT
04-23 Mercury goes direct 12º Aries

oSuperMoons of the year
Full Moons: 2/18, 3/19, 4/17
New Moons: 9/27, 10/26, 11/24
For a good physical explanation of what a SuperMoon is: http://earthsky.org/water/whats-true-and-false-about-the-march-19-supermoon