I cannot verify whether this is true or not, but it's certainly a very interesting compilation of information regarding Qadhafi and Libya…



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David Hawkins from Abeldanger.net — Wednesday's RadioRMN Group — sent me the following article about the way Khaddafy treats women.

Since I have actually spoken with Colonel Khaddafy, and learned things about him from my husband, Gunther and his men… I ask that you read the long article I have posted AFTER the Sun article.

Gaddafi's inner and trusted circle: his female bodyguards

By Jane Kokan, Special to the Vancouver Sun March 3, 2011

Libyan Col. Moammar Gadhafi 's Amazonian guards, sometimes called his Angels.


In 1979, Gadhafi founded the Tripoli Women's Military Academy, saying, "I promised my mother to improve the situation of women in Libya." He claims that although his mother was illiterate, she was a top archer in her tribe.


The women's armed combat training has been tested more than once. In 1998, one of his female bodyguards was killed and several others wounded when the Colonel's motorcade was ambushed. Why put women in harm's way? I asked him.

"I am an equal opportunities employer," he replied. "Years ago, women came to me and told me they wanted to become my bodyguards. They also demanded that a military academy be opened."

According to Gadhafi: "Women should be trained for combat, so that they do not become easy prey for their enemies."

Many of his female guards and "revolutionary nuns" (women who dedicate their lives to the ideas of the 1969 revolution) say they will never marry. Instead they have chosen to dedicate their lives to protecting the man "who gave us freedom and made us unique in the Arab world," according to Naima Sagiar, a revolutionary nun since 1977.

"In Libya, women have the best of both worlds," said Gadhafi. They can retain their femininity, plus they can choose any career they want. Any Libyan woman can learn to fly a MiG, be a military officer or a brain surgeon.


After the interview, I had the opportunity to talk to Fatia, a tall, elegant 27-year-old, with dramatic eye makeup.

I asked why she didn't want to become a fighter pilot instead of a bodyguard. "Without the leader, women in Libya would be nothing," she replied. "He gave us life. I am ready to die for him. He is a father, a brother and a friend to whom you can confide. You have no idea how humble he is."

Special to The Vancouver Sun

Jane Kokan is a freelance journalist and documentary film producer based in Vancouver.

© Copyright (c) The Vancouver Sun

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Gaddafi+inner+trusted+circle+female+bodyguards/4380096/story.html#ixzz1FkLfcrM1

— End of Vancouver Sun Article —

The photos at the end of this long article, which contains my personal testimony about Colonel Khaddafy, are from this post on Rumor Mill News.

Photos of Tripoli – How Revolutions Turn Beauty to Ashes

Here is another article I wrote in February about Lybia:
Libya – Faction Two – The Monarchy – NWO Pedophile Trade – Ancient technology in Gaddafi's Ancestral Homeland

Regarding Gaddafi:

I have written about Khaddafy for years now.

While my husband, Gunther was in prison in 1990 (for misuse of a government jet which we used to fly to Reno to marry. At the time, he was forbidden to fly commercial, due to death threats from drug lords who had bombed his car months before and almost killed him) – While in prison at Terminal Island, Gunther asked me to put through a call to Libya.

He spoke with the man who answered, in a language I did not recognise. After what seemed like a long conversation, as I was counting the dollars that this call was costing me… Gunther switched to English and said, “Colonel Khaddafy, I want you to meet my wife, Rayelan.”

The Colonel and I made small talk for about a minute. I can’t remember exactly what he said but it was obvious that he and my husband had known each other for many years. I was terrified that the Bush Administration was going to entrap me in some kind of terrorist cell and accuse me of cooperating with Khaddafy.

After we hung up on Khaddafy, I yelled at Gunther for putting me in this situation.

That was when he told me that Khaddafy is not what he is made out to be by the west. He told me that Khaddafy doesn’t play ball with the FED.

(Gunther used that term to describe the Federal Reserve… it’s owners… and the worldwide conspiracy to enslave humanity. Here are links to the two articles he wrote while he was in prison… so I would understand that the Federal Reserve was NOT part of our government… but part of a worldwide empire that was raping and pillaging sovereign nations… killing their leaders and stealing everything of value.

The Short Road To Chaos And Destruction


The articles were put on paper in 1992, but my education began the moment I married him in 1989.

At the time I married Gunther I was a lecturer on secret societies and a regular guest at the United Nations. I was also a friend of Senator Claiborne Pell and considering going to work as his assistant in his job as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. If I hadn’t been attacked with microwaves and almost bled to death, I would have accompanied him on a trip to to meet his close friend, Benazir Bhutto.

In addition to this kind of high level access to information, I was also part of a loose knit group of researchers who were working with men and women in and out of government… in all agencies… trying to expose ’s involvement in The October Surprise.

I mention all of this because in 1989 I thought I knew everything. I did know more about what was going on in the world that 99% of the people… I soon realized that all I thought I knew were lies keeping us stuck like flies on a web… the the matrix.

After being married to Gunther for a few years, I quickly realized that nothing is the way it seems… and I truly had become Alice who walked through the Looking Glass and ended up in a world where good guys were the bad guys and the bad guys were the good guys.

This realization was hammered home for me in July of 1990. At the time, I thought Gunther was out of prison for good and I thought we were on our way to Oak Harbor, Washington… where he would be CO of the base for a short time and then retired so we could move to Austria and live happily ever after in one of his many castles!!

Instead, I spent 4 days meeting people like William Webster, the Director of the CIA, and Brent Scowcroft, the NSA. I also met Gunther’s boss and his uncle… a man who introduced himself to me as Wilhelm Johan… with a thick German accent. Then he switched to perfect English and said. “You can call me William.”

The evening I spent with Gunther and William and two Navy Captains who stood at attention the entire time, were the most interesting and informing hours of my life. William Johann was the #2 man in the CIA at the time, the Director of Covert Operations. Gunther was the #3 man… the Banker.

While on Offutt, we were confined to our room and to the grassy area and the golf course. We were followed everywhere we went. On one of our strolls through the golf course, I saw another grassy knoll and said… “Let’s walk up there.” There was a missile standing up and I wanted to get a closer look at the missile. I saw many people going in and out the swinging gate. I saw that the gate was NOT locked and so I assumed we could go there.

Gunther said, “I don’t have clearance for that area.” I replied, “The gates open, if the gate’s open why can’t we go in.” Gunther said, “Okay… but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

We were right next to the missile when suddenly about 40 armed Air Force Special Security operatives… armed to the teeth… marched at us in doubletime and surrounded us. A loud voice came over the loudspeaker, “Captain Russbacher, you do NOT have clearance to be in this area. Please evacuate by the side gate.”

(In case you didn’t know, Gunther was a Navy Captain when I married him)

We were escorted to the side gate which was clicked open as we arrived. It was ONLY an exit gate… but it was locked all the time. As we evacuated the area, I saw a roadsign… it said” “LOOKING GLASS WAY”.

I realized at that moment that not only had I walked through the looking glass, but I had fallen down the rabbit hole into a world that I knew nothing about.

And this brings me back to Colonel Khaddafy. (I spell it with a K because this is the way Gunther spelled it.)

Gunther told me that there were seven pyramids under the sand in Libya. He said that Khaddafy was placed there by his group… Faction Two… to guard the pyramids and keep the FEDsters from gaining the technology and treasures that were inside them.

Libya was an ancient culture which at times was part of the Egyptian empire and at other times was more connected to the cultures in the British Isles and the . Gunther said that treasures and artifacts that are beyond comprehension are in the pyramids.

Gunther was also part of a team called the Pedophile Eradication Team. (PET) These were men who were given “License to Kill” permits for all pedophiles. Colonel Khaddafy assisted the PET project in every way he could because he too hated pedophiles.

Khaddafy and the military deposed King Idris because the King surrounded himself with young boys and even allowed his European friends to take these boys home with them. His friends were some of the most evil men in the world… I suspect Maurice Strong was probably one of them.

Regarding the downing of PanAm 103. Gunther said it was done by a Palestinian group with help from the Wall Street/City of London side of the CIA… the group Gunther called Faction One. paid the Palestinian/communist/terrorist to bomb an American plane as retribution for the Navy’s downing of an Iranian Airbus. For years, this was common knowledge in the investigative community. Now… it is never talked about. I never knew why the City of London side of the CIA helped take down Pan Am 103. There are lots of theories… but none that were ever confirmed for me by insiders.

It is my opinion that everything we are hearing about Colonel Khaddafy right now are lies or are truths that have been distorted so badly that no one can find the real truth. If I hadn’t been on the phone with Gunther and the Colonel I probably would have doubted all the things he told me about the Colonel. But knowing… from the mouth of the Colonel, that he and Gunther had been friends for a long time… I had no choice but to believe Gunther.

I am still in touch with some members of Gunther’s covert team. These men also tell me that Khaddafy is not the man our media makes him out to be. Years ago one of these men was in Libya and told me that it is very much like any western capital.

Take a look at the photos I have included below to see what I mean. Most people think of Libya as a backward, nomadic country where most people live in tents. Khaddafy is part of a nomadic tribe who lived in palatial tents. I never knew for sure if he was part of the royal family of Fezzan… one of the three countries that make up modern Libya.

One other thing. Gunther told me that we would be going to Libya. I asked if I would have to cover my head. I asked this because Senator Pell told me that I would have to cover my head in Pakistan. Gunther told me no, that the women in Libya are treated as equals… no different than western countries.

I knew about the secret female teams of operatives, assassins and soldiers. Gunther said he worked with many of them during his years in the CIA. He also said that some of them were planted deep within the CIA.

The article below described them as “nuns”. He said they never married and the things he said about some of them led me to suspect that they were often used to seduce men for information or for blackmail.

I figured something big was coming down on Khaddafy because of his connection in the media to the Italian President Berlusconi… (who is one of Gunther’s cousins on his mother’s side. Gunther’s maternal grandmother was Italian royalty. Gunther hated Berlusconi… but that being said… Berlusconi was a of Faction Two.)

Berlusconi said he gained his taste for underage girls… (in their late teens… NOT children) from Khaddafy. Who knows if this is true or not.

Khaddafy set the age of adulthood for both men and women at age 20… which meant that Lybian women could not marry before age 20. This ruled out arranged marriages for girls as young as 8 to men in their sixties and seventies.

I KNOW that we are about to be told about an entire shift in the financial world. If my sources are accurate… this shift could be announced as early as the end of this month… or April. Because of this… the people we know as the New World Order… City of London… Crown Agents… are working overtime to make sure this doesn’t happen… and they believe that the artifacts in the pyramids of Libya will help them fight the group that is taking them down.

I am sure there are MORE reasons that the City of London wants Libya… it’s possible that Libya has been harboring Faction Two’s army.

There are a few things I am sure of:

1. The media will never tell us the complete truth about Khaddafy.

2. The City of London is behind the violence going on there.

3. Al Queda and the Muslim Brotherhood both work for the City of London.

4. The City of London is just about to go out of business.
I would rather take my chances with Khaddafy than the people who are painting him to be a monster.

Granted, Khaddafy sounds crazy when he speaks. He sounds like he has something wrong with him… like Muhammad Ali, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1984, a disease for which those subject to severe head trauma, such as boxers, are many times more susceptible.

Khaddafy remained part of special operation teams long after he was the head of Lybia. Who knows how many head injuries he sustained?

This is just my observation of the Libyan situation. Sometimes when you add a little more information… the scene changes completely. Photos below…

Will the revolutionaries protect the antiquities of Libya? Will they protect the hotels and office buildings owned by foreigners? In a revolution who decides what gets burned and what is saved?


Video at end

All images are from Google Earth


Tripoli Business Complex

View of Tripoli and hotel by beach

Tripoli Beach – Notice Pepsi… Faction 2?

Another photo of the beach

Sinbad's Beach



Mina Harbor

Boats in Mina Harbor

Busy Market Place

Downtown Tripoli

Corinthia Hotel

Highrise at night

Tripoli at night

Nighttime Skyline

New section of Tripoli

The Tripoli Promenade

Spanish Church

Greek Orthodox Church

Leptis Magna was a prominent city of the Roman Empire. Its ruins are located in Al Khums, Libya, 130 km east of Tripoli, on the coast where the Wadi Lebda meets the sea. The site is one of the most spectacular and unspoiled Roman ruins in the .


Virtually unknown in the West: Libya's water resources

A. PEASANT at  twelfthbough.blogspot.com

We still wonder how on earth did Gaddafi manage to stay in power for forty years? Did no one notice his madness until now?
Did no one notice that he built a HUGE FRESH WATER PIPELINE to the Benghazi region, that lunatic?
Were they waiting for him to finish?

Libya – click to enlarge
Libya's Great Man-Made River Project, September 1, 2010

The 1st of September marks the anniversary of the opening of the major stage of Libya's Great Man-Made River Project. This incredibly huge and successful water scheme is virtually unknown in the West, yet it rivals and even surpasses all our greatest development projects. The leader of the so-called advanced countries, the United States of America cannot bring itself to acknowledge Libya's Great Man-Made River. The West refuses to recognize that a small country, with a population no more than four million, can construct anything so large without borrowing a single cent from the international banks.

…In the 1960s during oil exploration deep in the southern Libyan desert, vast reservoirs of high quality water were discovered in the form of aquifers.

…In Libya there are four major underground basins, these being the Kufra basin, the Sirt basin, the Morzuk basin and the Hamada basin, the first three of which contain combined reserves of 35,000 cubic kilometres of water. These vast reserves offer almost unlimited amounts of water for the Libyan people.

The people of Libya under the guidance of their leader, Colonel Muammar Al Qadhafi, initiated a series of scientific studies on the possibility of accessing this vast ocean of fresh water. Early consideration was given to developing new agricultural projects close to the sources of the water, in the desert. However, it was realized that on the scale required to provide products for self sufficiency, a very large infrastructure organization would be required. In addition to this, a major redistribution of the population from the coastal belt would be necessary. The alternative was to 'bring the water to the people'.

In October 1983, the Great Man-made River Authority was created and invested with the responsibility of taking water from the aquifers in the south, and conveying it by the most economical and practical means for use, predominantly for irrigation, in the Libyan coastal belt.

By 1996 the Great Man-Made River Project had reached one of its final stages, the gushing forth of sweet unpolluted water to the homes and gardens of the citizens of Libya's capital Tripoli. Louis Farrakhan, who took part in the opening ceremony of this important stage of the project, described the Great Man-Made River as "another miracle in the desert." Speaking at the inauguration ceremony to an audience that included Libyans and many foreign guests, Col. Qadhafi said the project "was the biggest answer to America… who accuse us of being concerned with terrorism."

The Great Man-Made River, as the largest water transport project ever undertaken, has been described as the "eighth wonder of the world". It carries more than five million cubic metres of water per day across the desert to coastal areas, vastly increasing the amount of arable land. The total cost of the huge project is expected to exceed $25 billion (US).

Consisting of a network of pipes buried underground to eliminate evaporation, four meters in diameter, the project extends for four thousand kilometres far deep into the desert. All material is locally engineered and manufactured. Underground water is pumped from 270 wells hundreds of meters deep into reservoirs that feed the network. The cost of one cubic meter of water equals 35 cents. The cubic meter of desalinized water is $3.75. Scientists estimate the amount of water to be equivalent to the flow of 200 years of water in the Nile River.

The goal of the Libyan Arab people, embodied in the Great Man-Made River project, is to make Libya a source of agricultural abundance, capable of producing adequate food and water to supply its own needs and to share with neighboring countries. In short, the River is literally Libya's 'meal ticket' to self-sufficiency.

Self-sufficiency?!? Absolutely Not Allowed. Banksters don't like that sort of thing one bit.

This project has been in the works for many years. Have you ever heard of it? We had not until today.

Underground "Fossil Water" Running Out, National Geographic, May 2010

Libya turns on the Great Man-Made River, by Marcia Merry, Printed in the Executive Intelligence Review, September 1991

A gala ceremony was held in Libya at the end of August, at which Libyan leaders “turned on the tap'' of the Great Man-Made River, the water pipeline/viaduct project designed to bring millions of liters of water from beneath the Sahara Desert, northward to the Benghazi region on the Mediterranean coast. The inauguration marked the end of Phase I of the project, which is slated for completion in 1996.

Under the giant scheme, water is pumped from aquifers under the Sahara in the southern part of the country, where underground water resources extend into Egypt and Sudan. Then the water is transported by reinforced concrete pipeline to northern destinations. Construction on the first phase started in 1984, and cost about $5 billion. The completed project may total $25 billion. South Korean construction experts built the huge pipes in Libya by some of the most modern techniques. The engineering feat involves collecting water from 270 wells in east central Libya, and transporting it through about 2,000 kilometers of pipeline to Benghazi and Sirte. The new “river'' brings 2 million cubic meters of water a day. At completion, the system will involve 4,000 kilometers of pipepines, and two aqueducts of some 1,000 kilometers. Joining in celebrating the inauguration of the artificial river were dozens of Arab and African heads of state and hundreds of other foreign diplomats and delegations. Among them were Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, King Hassan of Morocco, the head of Sudan, Gen. Omar El Beshir, and Djibouti's President Hassan Julied.

Col. Muammar Qaddafi told the celebrants: “After this achievement, American threats against Libya will double…. The United States will make excuses, [but] the real reason is to stop this achievement, to keep the people of Libya oppressed.'' Qaddafi presented the project to the cheering crowd as a gift to the Third World.

Mubarak spoke at the ceremony and stressed the regional importance of the project. Qaddafi has called on Egyptian farmers to come and work in Libya, where there are only 4 million inhabitants. Egypt's population of 55 million is crowded in narrow bands along the Nile River and delta region. Over the last 20 years, the water improvement projects envisioned for Egypt, which could provide more water and more hectares of agricultural and residential land, have been repeatedly sabotaged by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, and the Anglo-American financial interests behind them. 

In the 1970s, Qaddafi expelled many Egyptian families from Libya, but over the recent months the two countries have become close once again. There are plans to build a railway line to facilitate travel back and forth. There is also a standing commission between Sudan and Libya for integrating economic activity. 

Over 95% of Libya is desert, and the new water sources can open up thousands of hectares of irrigated farmland. At present over 80% of the country's agriculture production comes from the coastal regions, where local aquifers have been overpumped, and salt water intrusion is taking place. The Great Man-Made River will relieve this. The water now flowing will immediately supplement supplies for domestic and industrial needs in Benghazi and Sirte. But Libyan officials plan for 80% of the overall project's flow to eventually be used for irrigating old farms, and reclaiming some desert lands. Since 20% of Libya's imports are foodstuffs, expanded water supplies are a means to greater self-sufficiency. The Great Man-Made River project and its objectives fly in the face of the water-control schemes sanctioned by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. These institutions have blocked work on other “great projects'' such as the Jonglei Canal–the huge ditch that was designed as a straight channel on the upper White Nile in southern Sudan. The Jonglei Canal, which stands half-finished and abandoned at present, would have drained swamplands, aided agriculture, transportation, power resources, and health, and provided expanded flow to the Nile River all the way down to Egypt. The World Bank and the U.S. State Department are backing a “Middle East Water Summit'' in Turkey this November, which is intended to promote only politically favored projects such as desalination plants in Saudi Arabia, and water shortages elsewhere.

London and Washington circles were apoplectic about the opening of the new Libyan water project. The London Financial Times ran criticisms of the project from Angus Henley of the London-based Middle East Economic Digest. The pipeline, he said, was “Qaddafi's pet project. He wants to be seen as something other than the scourge of the West.'' The Financial Times called the project Qaddafi's “pipedream,'' stating that critics may be awed by the engineering involved, “But they regard the dream as a monument to vanity that makes little economic sense in a country where the U.N. Development Program says 94.6% of territory is desert wasteland.'' If it is vanity that motivated the project, at least the vanity of Libya's head of state is being channeled in a productive direction in this case–which is more than can be said of the leaders of Britain and the United States.

Libya ethnic map from Arthur Zbygniew
Click through for many other maps.
Read More Great Articles from A. Peasant at  twelfthbough.blogspot.com  



Libya – Faction Two – The Monarchy – NWO Pedophile Trade – Ancient technology in Gaddafi's Ancestral Homeland

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It's hard for people to understand what is really going on in Libya because the background of this incredibly complex country has never been told to the West.

After World War 2 Libya was a divided country like Germany and Austria and probably more countries than we have been told about.

Libya was/is made up of three parts that were cobbled together into one country. In the early post-war period, Tripolitania and Cyrenaica remained under British administration, while the French controlled Fezzan.

From Wiki:


Prior to World War II Libya had been a colony of Italy until Italian forces were driven out by the Allies in 1943. Libya came under the control of France and the United Kingdom as a UN Trusteeship in 1947 when Italy formally relinquished its claim to Libya. As part of the arrangement the United Kingdom and France governed the three historical regions of Libya Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fezzan. The UK was responsible for Tripolitania and Cyrenaica and France was responsible for Fezzan. On 21 November 1949, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution that Libya should become independent before 1 January 1952.

When Libya declared its independence on 24 December 1951 it was the first country to achieve independence through the United Nations and one of the first former European possessions in to gain independence. The Kingdom of Libya was proclaimed a constitutional and a hereditary monarchy and Idris was proclaimed king. Previously, the USSR had sought a Mandate over Libya following the end of World War II.

Who was King Idris?

Idris, GBE (Arabic: إدريس الأول‎), born Sayyid Muhammad Idris bin Sayyid Muhammad al-Mahdi al-Senussi (12 March 1889 – 25 May 1983) [1], was the first king of Libya, reigning from 1951 to 1969, and the Chief of the Senussi Muslim order.

Idris was a bloodline royal descended from Sayyid Muhammad ibn Ali as-Senussi (1787 – 1860), the founder of the Senussi order.

Sayyid Muhammad ibn Ali as-Senussi was born near Mostaganem, Algeria, and was named al-Senussi after a venerated Muslim teacher. He traced his lineage to Fahtimah, the daughter of Mohammed.

Al-Senussi faced many obstacles in Mecca from the reigning Imams and from the Ottoman Empire. Finding the opposition in Mecca too powerful Senussi settled in Cyrenaica, Libya in 1843, where in the mountains near Sidi Rafaa' (Al Bayda) he built the Zawia Baida ("White Monastery"). There he was supported by the local tribes and the Sultan of Wadai and his connections extended across the Maghreb.

He preached a form of Islam that appears to have disappeared. He took aspects from the Sufis. He taught that each individual could invoke Ijtihad… but ONLY for himself!! Ijtihad is a method of legal reasoning i.e. a technical term of Islamic law that describes the process of making a legal decision by independent interpretation of the legal sources, the Qur'an and the Sunnah. The opposite of ijtihad is taqlid, Arabic for "imitation".

While the word has the same root as jihad, the shared etymology is worth noting, as both words touch on the concepts of struggle or effort. Ijtihad is a verb and means to "struggle with oneself", as through deep thought. Ijtihad is a method of legal reasoning that does not rely on the traditional schools of jurisprudence (madhabs).

Al-Senussi did not tolerate fanaticism and forbade the use of stimulants as well as voluntary poverty. Lodge members (monks) were to eat and dress within the limits of Islamic law and, instead of depending on charity, were required to earn their living through work.

No aids to contemplation, such as the processions, gyrations, and mutilations employed by Sufi dervishes, were permitted. He accepted neither the wholly intuitive ways described by Sufi mystics nor the rationality of the orthodox ulema; rather, he attempted to achieve a middle path.

The Bedouin tribes had shown no interest in the ecstatic practices of the Sufis that were gaining adherents in the towns, but they were attracted in great numbers to the Senussis. The relative austerity of the Senussi message was particularly suited to the character of the Cyrenaican Bedouins, whose way of life had not changed much in the centuries since the Arabs had first accepted the Prophet Mohammad's teachings.

In 1855 Senussi moved farther from direct Ottoman surveillance to Al-Jaghbub, a small oasis some 30 miles northwest of Siwa. He died in 1860, leaving two sons, Mahommed Sherif (1844 – 1895) and Mohammed al-Mahdi, to whom was passed the succession.

King Idras was descended from this royal/religious house and was seen as the Chief of the Senussi Muslim order.

He was King of Libya from 1951 to 1969 when he was deposed by the Libyan army under the leadership of Muammar al-Gaddafi in a coup.

King Idras was just about to abdicate, in favor of his nephew, Crown Prince Hasan as-Senussi.

My husband, Gunther was with the CIA at the time. Longtime readers of RMNews know that Gunther was a member of Faction Two, a worldwide group of exiled royals who oppose the City of London, and their worldwide banking cartels.

A member of Gunther's group told me that the real reason that the people of Libya wanted to be rid of the King was because he did nothing to stop the new world order pedophiles from raiding Libya for sex slaves.

Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi (also written as Qaddafi, Gheddafi, and Khadafi, among others)came from a nomadic family that fought against Italian rule. The family was from the Fezzan region of today's Libya.

Fezzan is an age old nation with ties to ancient Egypt. See this link for the royal pyramid tombs.


Libya is also known to have secret pyramids under the sands.

It is possible that Muammar Al-Gaddafi is a descendant of the ancient royals of that area who trace their roots to Egyptian royalty.

After Gaddafi came to power, he turned his country into an Islamic Socialist state.

The United States supported Gaddafi up until Carter's presidency. With no american support, Gaddafi began to make friends with US enemies. President Reagan sent bombers in to bomb Gaddafi's home, killing an adopted son. This brought him back under US control.

When the United States needed a fall guy to take the wrap for the downing of PanAm 103, Gaddafi agreed (under duress) to take the fall. Most researchers believe that Iran paid a Palestinian to arrange the bombing in a tit for tat for the downing of an Iranian Air Bus by an American Naval warship.

Gaddafi may or may not have worked with Faction Two for most of his reign. I don't have the answer to this.

Faction Two was given free reign to excavate many of the long hidden pyramids and palaces. Some going all the way back to the beginning of civilization on earth.

I suspect that there was still working off world technology in these treasures.

I suspect the violence in Libya is more complicated than anything we can imagine.

I also suspect that the protection of the long hidden Libyan treasures is part of the reason that Gaddafi is using force to stay in power.

It would be interesting to know if is behind the revolution.

There is a war going on for the control of ancient technology. While Soros appears to be working with the new world order… since he was created by the new world order, he is actually working for himself. He believe that the technology hidden in the deserts of Fezzan… Gaddafi's ancestral home, contains the technology that will give him a new body that will live for thousands of years.

According to men who worked with Gunther, this is not fiction… it is truth.

I have cobbled together this history of Libya because there is more to what is going on there than any of us know.

There is much more to the history of Libya… such as Lake Tritonis… The location is unclear. The lake is mentioned as being in Libya, a land the ancient Greeks believed encircled their world, "washed on all sides by the sea," Herodotus said,[1] "except where it is attached to ." In their knowledge, Libya extended from Ancient Egypt, the Nile Valley and its basin, to the Atlantic Ocean and along the south of Ancient Egypt.

Human life is supposed to have sprang from this lake. There are also rumors of ancient technology being at the bottom of this lake… which is no longer there. Possibly this ancient technology is housed in some of the pyramids that are still buried under the sand.

If and when the pyramids are uncovered, Libya will become MORE of a tourist attraction than Egypt.

If Gaddafi… who uses the royal Al-Gaddafi is a descendant of the ancient rulers of Fezzan, then his bloodline traces back to the royal family of Egypt. He and his family could possibly be the protectors of this ancient treasure.

Source: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=198305